Gentle Readers,

First, I'm going to share a picture of me from the weekend.

I'm the one getting the spear thrust in the face. The one doing the stabbing is one of the instructors from the hosting school. He followed that up by stabbing me in the face with a sword and a dagger.

I'm really hoping that we will get some interest from this. with the number of people who saw the event and our 200 person groupon and people just randomly coming to try a class, it really seems like we are on a roll. However, it seems much less like that when I am at class and there are no students. Tonight was one of those nights. We did have some people come to the longsword class (which I can't attend at the moment), but there were no students following up with the Sword and Buckler class that I can attend.

Craig has decided that he is going to move to a slightly larger space in the same building. I think his optimism is wonderful and the things we can do in that space will help justify the expenditure, but I'm worried that this will fail. I'm worried that we will not get the students. When it's my classes that don't get students, I worry that I'm going to be the thing that keeps the school from growing. I don't want Craig to fail because of me.

The rational part of my brain knows that's silly it has much more to do with my not teaching the main cirriculum. However, the emotional side of things is less good at coping.

OK, enough winging. Time for sleep.
Gentle Readers,

Here I lie, after a lovely weekend.

As hoped the A&S thing was lovely. There were 50 people. I've been to smaller events (that had less active participation). I got my hood pieces (outer and liner) cut out and had some facinating discussions with all kinds of people.

We sent Lydia off to the twins house and headed home child free. I'm pretty sure we were both asleep before 9:30. I'm not sure what it was but I managed to sleep through the night, only waking up once. This rest made for todays good spirits I think.

The fight for life was amazing. We had 3 schools together and did a day of swordfigting with no drama and very little ego. I wasn't as good at the armoured combat as I had hoped and the steel legs I was wearing are aweful. I also only got in one round because the helmet I had gaped and exposed my neck. I didn't think that i could have tied it down until after I had gotten out of my armour.

The day was very positve and we raised almost 2K for the Walk for Life fundraiser. I think the fact that it was a fund raiser was what helped peope check their egos at the door. There was no sense that this was about prooving anything, it was just a means to collect money for a charity.

Afterwards was a lovely potluck to which I managed to contribute things other people ate.

Now, heres hoping for another good nights sleep.
Gentle Readers,

My weekend started with a lovely dinner with Kira-lynn and has continued in this pleasant manner. At the moment I am lounging about considering lunch while I listen to all the water fall from the sky. After said lunch we're off to do crafts at the A&S day. I'm hoping to work on a hood, but it seems likely that I will also do some pewter work with Lydia.

Tomorrow, as previously mentioned, is the Fight For Life fundraiser which I am very much looking forward to. Hopefully we will have some photos from that to share. If you are nearby come and check us out at hintonburg park.
Gentle Readers,

I keep forgetting to mention this, but I will be participating in the Fight for Life fundraiser for the AIDS Walk For Life. If anyone would like to pledge anything, let me know. I'm sure there will be some video and photos posted and everyone is welcome to come and cheer people on.

It's taking place at Hintonburg park this sunday, all day.

I'll be wearing armour and getting hit with swords. Come check it out.

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