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Gentle Readers,

First, I'm going to share a picture of me from the weekend.

I'm the one getting the spear thrust in the face. The one doing the stabbing is one of the instructors from the hosting school. He followed that up by stabbing me in the face with a sword and a dagger.

I'm really hoping that we will get some interest from this. with the number of people who saw the event and our 200 person groupon and people just randomly coming to try a class, it really seems like we are on a roll. However, it seems much less like that when I am at class and there are no students. Tonight was one of those nights. We did have some people come to the longsword class (which I can't attend at the moment), but there were no students following up with the Sword and Buckler class that I can attend.

Craig has decided that he is going to move to a slightly larger space in the same building. I think his optimism is wonderful and the things we can do in that space will help justify the expenditure, but I'm worried that this will fail. I'm worried that we will not get the students. When it's my classes that don't get students, I worry that I'm going to be the thing that keeps the school from growing. I don't want Craig to fail because of me.

The rational part of my brain knows that's silly it has much more to do with my not teaching the main cirriculum. However, the emotional side of things is less good at coping.

OK, enough winging. Time for sleep.
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