Gentle Readers,

If there is anyone who would like to transition to Dreamwidth in light of the difficulties in accessing LiveJournal as of late, I have plenty of invite codes available.

Here's Five )
Gentle Readers,

I've still got lots. Way more than I thought. Ask if you want one.
Gentle Readers,

There are two things that make me glad that I've decided to start using Dreamwidth as my main blog (although I will be cross posting). The first is that I've started getting spam to my LJ email address.

The second is that they are apparently selling ad space to NOM (if you don't know who they are, I'm happy for you).

I have a couple of invite codes. If you are interested, let me know. I'll be giving preference to people I know and who post fairly regularly as I'm selfish like that.
Gentle Readers,

I've been feeling kind of shy of writing this but I want to get it down before the public beta so that I can remember my thoughts. I'm really enjoying the environment but there's something missing. It feels very much like being at a party where you know a couple of people but the rest are all strangers and the people you do know are busy talking to other people about things you know nothing about.

This is not to say that I expect that the people I do know here should be coming over and holding my hand and making sure I'm comfortable. It's just that part of the thing that drew me into LiveJournal was that there were already a bunch of people that I knew who were taking part and part of the fun there was discovering that someone I knew (or even just someone I met) had a LiveJournal and was interesting to read. It was the same with Facebook although to be honest that was pretty much the only fun thing over there and thus my complete lack of interest.

At DreamWidth, I'm still looking for people to engage with but the lack of density means there arn't that many. I'm eager to look at my friends list to see what people I know are up to, but not so much with my reading page.

I think what I should be doing is just relax and let it grow and do what I can to create content to make the site worth looking at. Thus, I'm writing this post so that I'm not just sitting around waiting for things to get better.

It would probably be a good idea to crosspost my reviews from SFSite just to add something that isn't just self indulgent wankery to my journal. That's probably a good thing to do and it would also get me writing the reviews that I should be finishing.

But first, the investiture Zupon.
Gentle Readers,

I'm testing the cross poster from Dreamwidth. One of the options available is to disable the comments on the LJ post and direct users here for commenting, which they can do with Open ID.

Would you ever comment if I did this all the time?

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