Gentle Readers,

I've sent out a confirmation email to everyone I have an order from. If you didn't get one, you aren't in the order.

Order will be sent on Monday.
Gentle Unshod,

Last May I organized an order of hand made period styled shoes from Westland Crafts. It went reasonably smoothly, although due to various circumstances it ended up taking about 3.5 months for me to get the shoes so we didn't get things before Pennsic, much to my disappointment.

Anyway, everyone who ordered seems very happy with the shoes, so I'm going to run another order. The group order price list can be found here: Pictures can be found on their website ( or on their facebook page ( I find the facebook page a little better for looking through the pictures. On top of that, I'll be adding a service and handling charge of $5 for every $50 based of the cost of their shoe, including the shipping. so if shoe plus shipping is less than $50, add $5, 50-100 add $10, and so on.

Deadline for orders will be Oct 16th. Deadline for payment will be Crown (Oct 23). Westland says their new shipper lets them do a 29 day turnaround so this make shoes for christmas a possibility.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Gentle Readers

I just finished a weekend event wearing my new boots from Westland Crafts and figured I'd give them a review.

I placed an order for 33 pairs of shoes on May 17th. I had waited until another local had received the shoes he ordered before placing both so I could see how long it took and so I could see the quality. I was reasonably pleased with both so I placed the order for myself and a number of other people from the kingdom. As you might suspect, the plan was to get the stuff for pennsic.

There was some back and forth with Westland about corrections and clarifications with the order (more stuff that I had got wrong than them) and that was fine. I sent off the money and settled down to wait.

Mid June I sent an email and asked how it was going and was told it would be shipping next week. A month later, having heard nothing I sent another email and on July 17th I was told that my order had shipped. I was delighted that everyone would have their shoes for Pennsic.

I didn't get the shoes for Pennsic.

About this time there were a number of threads about how Westland was having problems delivering on time and many discussions about how their communication was terrible.

I got back from Pennsic and started mailing them every couple of days to find out what was what. Then I started do the same on facebook.

Finally, I was told that they would be sent FedEx on wednesday August 25. On the 25th I got the tracking number, on Facebook, not email. The shoes actually arrived here in Ottawa that Friday, but due to the weekend, I didn't actually get them until the following Tuesday.

The shoes were exactly as ordered although some of the colours are not as depicted on the website. The green in particular ended up being much darker. So far, everyone seems pleased. I wore my new boots all weekend and except for them being exactly knee high so the seem kept poking me in the back of the knee until I trimmed it they were perfectly comfortable in the wet and cold and also while fencing.

To sum up, the product is exactly what I wanted. The price is excellent. Prior to the communication rant thread here on AA, the communication blew chunks. Since then it is merely terrible. However, I never doubted that I would get my shoes (perhaps overly optimistic of me) and while I had hoped that they would arrive before pennsic, I was not surprised, even if I was disappointed.

I will order from them again and in fact will probably do another group order in about a month.
Gentle Soon to be Shod,

The shoes are here. I've sorted them and everyone's is accounted for. For those of you who wanted vitbram soles on your turn shoes, they couldn't do it so I can refund your money for the soles or I can give you a set of the bone implements (one large needle, one small needle and a d6).

They are everything I was expecting.

If people like, we can try and make a delivery at fight/dance practice tomorrow. I will also be at Baron's Howe.

If that doesn't work for you, contact us for pick up options.
Gentle Unshod,

The shoes are here. They are apparently in my dining room. If you are in town you can come and get them tonight. If you are out of town I will bring them to the next event we both happen to be at.

The next event I will be at is Baron's Howe.

Let me know if you want me to bring your shoes.

EDIT: apparently it was not a box of shoes. So, while the shoes are in ottawa, and have been since the 28th, they are still not at my house. It does look good for delivery before Baron's howe.
Gentle Unshod,

Westland claims they have shipped but are not yet released from England so I have no tracking number or arrival date. I'm still hoping for pre-Pennsic, but given delays I'm reading about from other customers, I'm less optimistic.

More information when I have it.

Sorry it's taking so long.


Jun. 7th, 2010 10:37 am
Gentle Unshod Readers,

The money has been received by the manufacturer. I will let you know when they ship.
Gentle Unshod Readers,

I cannot front all of the money for shoes. I need you to pay me so that I can send the money to the manufacturer so they can make the shoes and send them to us so we can happily wear them.

If you haven't got your money to me, you need to do so ASAP.
Gentle Unshod Readers

cut for the shod )
Gentle Unshod Readers,

The order was confirmed as being received but I'm still waiting for the invoice at which point I will be able to give you prices.

I got my bearpaw shoes from a different order last night and they fit pretty well; surprising given my wide feet. if anyone local wants to see them, let me know. I also saw their latchettes which look great and are apparently quite comfortable.
Gentle Readers,

I'm going to do a bulk order of shoes from a company called Westland Crafts. I can get wholesale prices if I order at least 5 pairs (which I am), so if anyone is interested in tagging along, you can see the pictures here:

The prices range from about $35 for the ankleboots to $115 for the thigh highs.
If you are not someone I see regularly at events (or are not local), the extra cost if shipping will likely not make this worth it. The delivery time is a few months because they will be shipping from Pakistan.

Let me know if you are interested.

My plan is to send the order and get final prices next week in the hopes of possibly having them for Pennsic.

EDIT: changed facebook link so you don't have to log in to see the shoes.
Gentle Readers,

Is it wrong that I think these shoes are awesome?

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