Gentle Readers,

I was going to write a bit about fencing but I'm still recovering from yesterday. Yesterday I was supposed to be looking at the C++ client and why it couldn't connnect over SSL. Instead, I got to spend the whole day dealing with the issues of a special snowflake of a customer would not talk to our support people or enter a ticket because his problems were so very important. In fact, he would only talk to me over Skype so he could clearly and repeatedly explain why his problems were so very important and I should feel lucky that he is willing to let me work on them instead of his preferred contacts.

I did the best I could and answered his questions and tried to figure out some of his problems but it's really clear to me that Customer Support is NOT where I want to spend any significant portion of my life. I mean, talking on the phone stresses me out at the best of times. Then there's the shared view of his problem machines where he kept grabbing control of the mouse to, I guess, show us the things he believed we were unaware of. I think that not telling him to fuck off and let us do our job was the very model of professional restraint on my part. Not ranting about him on facebook/twitter where I post under my real and fairly unique name shows some foresight on my part as well.

Cortejo ended up coming to get me, at my request, because I was just completely wiped out. I picked up a little bit but I was still in bed and asleep by 8:30 and mostly slept for about 12 hours. I'm still very tired.

Anyway, so the fencing will move to another post. For now I'm just recovering. I'd really like to go and see the local event today. I'm hoping that I will have enough spoons to be up for it.

I'll bring sewing. I'm sure it will be fine.
Gentle Readers,

The aforementioned subject is one that is rapidly becoming difficult. As discussed previously, yesterday was my first time back at Aikido in about a month. Today was my first time back at Kickboxing with muscles that were already unhappy with me regarding a what was to my recollection a fairly light workout.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get someone as a partner today who was quite new and also a southpaw so there was some slowness in our practice and it wasn't quite as horrible as it could have been. I admit that I'm a little disappointed that a 3x circuit of pennsic every day while I was there was not enough to maintain my previous level of physical fitness. Still, it was really really good to be back and to be moving and to feel like I was not the baby wildebeest that I was
when I started.

It was lovely this morning, but now it's dark and rainy and I'm not looking forward to going out side and getting rained on.

In other news, I'm looking at my 15th century clothing project and I must say that I don't think I've found anyone who's gotten the short brais correct. All of the patterns I've seen so far look like something that I'd fall out of and while wearing split hose, I don't think that would be becoming for a baron. Especially with the sitting up on a dais at the front of court and all.
Gentle Readers,

I finally made it back to Aikido today. What with Pennsic and preparations for the same I haven't been for about a month. Imagine my surprise when Sensei R calls me up for the first sequence. Then the further surprise when he tells me to get on my hands and knees perpendicular to him. Anyway, we were practicing forward rolls off someone's back. I was actually pretty pleased with mine. I exhaled at the right point and managed not too put too much weight on the kneeling person as well as not slamming too hard into the mats.

This changed with some of the later ukemi but overall I feel like I had a pretty good class. It was really positive reinforcement for coming back and I'm looking forward to Friday.

Tonight We've got a birthday party to attend for someone we haven't seen in a few years. It will be lovely to visit I think, but I'm still not sure what to bring.

In other news, I'm really enjoying all of the In Detail posts that people are making. Perhaps I'll try it later, but right now, I'm just trying to get back into posting regularly. Speaking of daily posting, I forgot to mention that we finally managed to have Kira-Lynn over for dinner (for Lydia's birthday to boot). It's always so good to hang out with her.

Tomorrow: more martial arts.
Friday: time with clinkerfiacio.
Saturday: more Birthday Parties.
Sunday: possibly some sewing. I've promised Lydia some clothes for her and a doll of her choice. She picked one of her barbies. They are getting some Early-Mid 15th century Italian clothing I think. I'll have to double check with her.

Full week, no?
Gentle Readers,

I'm working through day 2 of being back at work post Pennsic. Thankfully things are pretty slow at the moment which is good as I'm banging my head against a particularly recalcitrant bug. Stupid singletons.

On the plus side I've got a couple of garb books sitting at home waiting for me. Also, I've figured out how to make my rope bed without using 4x4s for the legs. This makes me happy, but I still have to make it for baron's howe.
Gentle Readers,

So I'm all set to finish off the patterns for the Landsknecht Hose and so I figure I will check out my patterns of fashion to see how the pluderhose were patterened. Can't find it. Did I lend it to you? I know i've lent out my Tudor Tailor (I think to xiphia) so I can't look at the hose pattern there either. My Medival Tailor's Assistant has been gone for years.

Perhaps I need to stop loaning out my books.
Dear Lazyweb

I need some wool for my landsknecht project. There doesn't seem to be anything good locally. Where should I order some from?
Gentle Readers,

Why is there suffering? Teach the controversy

And for something completely different, After finishing off my first week of back at work, I picked up Shyska and headed off to Pickering for Saturday's crown tourney. We had a great time, although I missed those left behind. Still, it was a fantastic event. Ealdormere has a 19 year old prince. He'll be king at Pennsic but not be old enough to drink while there. The quarter finals started the nail biter as 3 quarters of the potential royalty were from my barony.

I got to chat with all kinds of people and hopefully set in motion some devilish plans which I hope to soon see come to fruition. As well the feast was so fantastic I was forced to lament the bounty we recieved as I was not able to eat enough of it.

Flushed from the success of my halloween costume for Lydia (pictures tomorrow), I've decided to offer some garb to his highness as he needs something better than black and silver early scadian. Her highness has expressed interest in getting him into landsknecht (which I think will suit him fine) so I am going to have to get some advice from landsknecht-po on how to go forward with it. If he likes it, it might be worth getting her highness into some too...

I also discovered that not only is Don Giovanni teaching at Kingdom A&S, he will also be fighting us as part of our prize. I'll have to fight 40 bouts, 10 against each of others. Thank goodness I've been working on my stamina. I need to win 1/3 of them (so I think 13 or 14 depending on how they round it). It will be glorious!

Skyr Fail

Oct. 25th, 2009 04:01 pm
Gentle Readers,

So far it's been an exciting week end. Friday I had a second interview with a company I was really hoping would give me a call back. In many ways it really was an audition. They gave me a problem they wanted a solution for and gave me a white board and said Go To. They emailed me an offer later that afternoon so I'm assuming they liked what I gave them. I start tomorrow and I'll post the details of who and where and what after the paperwork is signed. I won't believe it's real until that's done.

This is why you didn't get any Friday fiction this week. I plumb forgot.

Yesterday I fought through much frustration and managed to get Lydia's costume started. She almost changed her mind as she had told some class mates she was going to be a Devil because she didn't think they would know who Harley Quinn was. Thankfully even if she changes it back again, Devil's are easy costumes.

I'm hoping that it will be as warm as last year.

Anyway, I spent Saturday evening gaming with some friends to celebrate Polymathematic's 30th birthday. I managed to get home around 2. Getting up for fencing this morning was a little rough but it was our first beginner class with the new curriculum and we had a dozen new students showing up. It was awesome to have so many people there.

So far I've spent the afternoon fixing my armour, cleaning, and attempting to make Skyr. It was mostly successful except for the Skyr which was utter fail. For starters I tried heating it with a double boiler to avoid scalding it but couldn't get the temperature above 75 (when I needed to get it to 95). Finally I gave up and heated it in the microwave. Finally heated, I had to let it cool which took another hour. Or rather after an hour I noticed that I had somehow broken the thermometer and there was now broken glass in the milk and I threw it out. Thank goodness I didn't use all of the milk.

I think I'll relax with some sewing.
Gentle Readers,

It's been a busy week. As some of you know, we've restarted our renovations and have decided to get the basement done as the dampness of the summer made for a damp basement which turned to mold which led to "we need to do something about this right quick". And so we have. Our basement is now bereft of everything that was there, bare down to the concrete. It's interesting but not terribly liveable.

In support of this work, I've been clearing crap out of our basement. This is aided by the giant dumpster that is currently living in our driveway. My workshop is emptied out and a goodly proportion of what we need to remove from the basement is gone. We're going to be turning the former workshop into the new laundry room which will, I think, also do double duty as a sewing room if we can make it comfortable enough. It is really too bad that Laundry chutes are bad things as I know that that would make cortejo very happy.

Thursday I had a great talk with M and S and with luck I'll hear from them this week. I have also arranged things with J should that go forward. I'm practing by being cryptic.

In other news, I found out about facebook lite which makes facebook bearable.

Friday night i went to see Ins├ęparable. It was great fun but sparsely attended. I suspect this has more to do with the lack of promotion (even my theater friends knew nothing about it) than any flaws with the play itself. The dialog was witty and well constructed. The acting was fun. I hope their attendance picks up. It's encouraging me to look more into the lives of Wolfe and Montcalm so I can see if there were any jokes that I missed.

Saturday was more of the previously mentioned basement prep work. It looks so empty down there. I'm really looking forward to it looking like a modern room instead of a 70's basement. I'm very much in favour of a bright comfortable living space.

Today I'm not able to go to fencing as Cortejo has a job interview off in the east end so there's no time.

le very big sigh.

Instead I'll finish off the workshop and maybe hack a bit more at the remains in the big basement room.

Speaking of finishing things, I finished off the undertunic save for the hem. It was experimental in that I tried finishing the pieces before I put them together. t made for a nice looking garment but I'm not sure I'm happy about the time it takes to whip-stitch everything together. I'm going to try a slightly modified method with the overtunic (made with the leftovers of Lydia's Jedi Robe!) so we'll see how that works.
Gentle Readers,

I took a sick day today and slept the first half of it away. It was not as restful as I was hoping as I woke up every hour or so and the sleep that I did get was filled with vivid frustration dreams. After one, I had to get up to get cortejo to promise not to make binge grocery purchases, especially ones that involved 2 cases of 10 Penny ale.

I finished off the last seam on the zupon after I got up and it's now hung up to relax before i sew the hem. Then buttons and loops and I'm done. I made add the side slits later or I may just put them on the next one.

Given the 50 years behind that the fashion trends of the baltics are, I'm wondering if maybe the Zupon is perhaps a corruption of houpeland. The look is similar.

Sensei yesterday had a good turn of phrase discussing the nature of the Uke in practice, but at the end of class neither of us could remember it. It had to do with a good uke responding fully to the nage so that the nage knows if they have it right. There was something else to it, talking about the nature of responding. I should have tried harder to commit it to memory.

I danced at the dance practice yesterday and didn't fight at the fight practice. The local duke mocked me a little for taking so long to get my kit together, but I think it was partly because I was teasing ladyblacksmith.

We elected not to stay for food and came home and had tea with Kira-Lynn instead.

I slept so much, I don't know why just writing this is making me so tired.

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