Gentle Readers,

So, I'm in the third day of my new year which is the last of my fourth decade. I'm feeling a little excited and a little melancholy because it's been such an amazing decade so far. I've really enjoyed being in my thirties. It's so far been a decade of learning to be a better and more well rounded human being. I'm in better shape (well, I was before the back injury) than I've ever been. I'm more comfortable in my own skin. I have a handle on how food makes me feel and what I should not ever eat, as well as what are ok Sometimes Foods. I have been working on expressing my interests in the arts and sciences, being creative and studious.

I know lots of people have had 2011s filled with turmoil and strife and I feel for them. While I am glad to see the end of 2011, in my case it's less about hoping for an end to troubles and more about excitement to see what the new year will bring.

I hope you all get the new year you desire.

Post Party

Jan. 3rd, 2010 01:48 am
Gentle Readers,

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to my party yesterday and inform those of you who could not make it that you were missed. I had an amazing time. I got a couple more photos for my birthday collection. I drank just the right amount (of Gin, Lemon Vodka, and Honey, Red and White wines). I ate stuffed Grape Leaves, Hummus, Pita, Dates, Figs, Tabbouleh, Banana Chips, Apricots, and also had Halva, Shortbread, Turkish Delight and these sandwitch cookies that I miss available for others.

I also shucked about 170 oysters with the assistence of my shucking buddies Reyl, Blinkus2000 and Tiny_Wings. I think I ate at least 3 Dozen of them. They were very very good. Next time I'll only get 1 case.

We had old friends and new friends and even a bear.

It was the most awesome birthday celebration I could have hoped for.

I hope my new year can carry on with that level of positivity (although perhaps more sobriety would be a good idea).

Today, however, I am done. Nothing was left for dealing with anything and so we did not end up attending the two parties we had hoped to go to. I hope the choir enjoys the remains of the deserts.
Gentle Readers,

I'm here at working wringing the last bits out of 2009. We're all psyched for the party tomorrow (I hope you can make it). Our house is full of oysters and will soon be full of other stuff as we prepare food and space for our guests, although I have no idea who or how many are coming.

I'm hoping that it will be enough to eat all of the food we are preparing.

2009 was a pretty good year for me, even with being laid off and the joys and frustrations of a job search in this economy. Being Baron has been very rewarding even if it has limited the set of friends that we are able to see. I know that many of you are very glad to see this year end and with good reason. For those of you, I hope that all of your troubles are left behind and the new year holds more positive than you know what to do with.

There's a bunch of things I'm looking forward to in the coming year, in addition to the regular ones. There's my 4th qyu test, The Chivalric Weekend, the Sword Boyfriend getting his passport, The renovations finishing, Reyl and the pumpkin moving in, finishing a project for my Dean's prize and possibly playing it, having a room to myself, making landsknect for his highness, continuing with the kickboxing, keeping up the hard work at the new job, trying learn more than 3 chords on one of the instruments I have aquired.

So much, that I'm not sure I have time for resolutions.

Every once and a while I get frustrated at not being able to acomplish more with the time that I have, especially when I look at my friends and see all of the beautiful things that they are making with their time but then I look back at the lists of things I have done and I realize I'm not being quite the slouch that I think I am.

Thanks again to all of you.

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