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I normally don't post this stuff and frankly the alarmist language that this site uses to make this look like an urgent crisis kinda pisses me how. That being said, I think that journalism standards are pretty damn important and I don't enjoy being lied to. Given the greatly reduced ability to fact check Television vs the Internet, I don't want any one else being lied to either.

Please consider signing the petition and passing it on.

The proposed changes to regulations protecting Canadian airwaves would require any complaint to include proof that the broadcaster knew that the news was false AND that the lies spread could endanger the lives, health or safety of the public -- so a journalist could tell any lie they liked as long it didn't kill or sicken anyone. Proponents within the CRTC are claiming that this change is in reaction to a Supreme Court decision, but that ruling was made fifteen years ago and has almost nothing to do with TV news standards.
Gentle Readers,

Some of you may not know this but Cortejo is addicted to Criminal Minds. I've tried to indulge her in this but the more I watch, the more I loathe the show. To be fair, there are some that haven't been terrible, but the majority of them, especially the later ones just seem to be descending into SAW-esque torture porn. I think it is the increasing time given to the "unsubs" that really repulses me. I have no interest whatsoever in seeing things from their point of view and anything that tries to get make them more sympathetic just frustrates me with it's emotional manipulation.
I'm not sure if I would have ever liked the show, but the more I think about manipulation by media the more I notice how blatant it seems to be. I guess I can blame The Last Psychiatrist for that. I start noticing what I'm thinking, then wondering what it is that they want me to think and then why is it that they want me to think that. It certainly makes some shows especially frustrating to watch. However, it does seem to make commercials more amusing, so I guess there's that.
Gentle Readers,

Stolen from RM: "When technology makes it easy for everyone to catch anyone, in which directions are our values going to shift?" I think an important additional question is if and how the direction of this shift could be encouraged.

Not sure what my answers are. I need to think a bit more.

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