Gentle Readers,

As some of you have already heard, we buried our cat Kenneth "Kenny" Gregory Babbage yesterday. We came home from crown tourney and found his body in the bathroom curled up on the laundry. Strangely he seemed heavier when I picked him up than he had ever since his stroke.

We sewed him into a soft cotton receiving blanket and them burried him under the tree large tree in the front yard, in the rich dark earth we added last summer.

He was the first addition to our family and he will be deeply missed.
Gentle Readers,


For those of you who do not read Cortejo's journal, our cat Kenny is not well. When I let him back in to the house this morning after an unusually plaintive Meow, I noticed that he was not using his back legs. It made me glad I had left the screen door open because otherwise he would have been stuck on the front steps.

He bore it stoically, seeming more frustrated at his weak flesh than unhappy, but he still wouldn't eat any of his favorite foods and had to be helped to the water and the litter box. Cortejo took him to the vet with Reyl today at lunch time and we were fearing that he would not be coming home.

However, he seems to be doing ok. The vets say that he threw a clot which blocked something in his back legs but that they still have circulation and feeling and there is nothing broken or sprained or dislocated. As long as the clot breaks up, he should be able to go back to normal (or whatever is usual for him). That being said, whatever caused the clot in the first place is still there and we won't know what that is until the tests come back. Whatever it is, will likely kill him, but apparently not yet.


Well, not Kings specifically, but we did spend the weekend at the home of a former King. We went down to Ben Dunfirth for Huntsman's Harvest. It was a cute little event and we probably would not have gone if it hadn't been for my desire to make Yoshi cry.

A few weeks ago I had the brainstorm that I could ask people for help with the project of getting Yoshi some blades that were legal for SCA and also suited his Japanese persona. Thanks to his friends generosity, we managed to raise the money in less than 24 hours. Since this event was soon and in his home canton, we did it there. I was even loaned a suit of Japanese court garb to wear (and I fell in love with the hat). Pictures whenever I get some.

I also managed to score some steel legs from Brand in exchange for a pair of joined hose and a poirpoint and probably a hat. Once these get strapped, this will allow me to feel like I can fight without someone breaking my knees. I will probably need to add a bit more to the sides as my legs have a bit bigger diameter than Brand's.

so, strap legs and pad and strap helmet and I'll have a kit that doesn't look like ass and will also protect me. It will be even better once I get the new arms and gauntlets that I've been waiting for since before I ordered my boots.

We also made it back in time for the Capo Ferro class with Don Aaron. I think I'm going to do just fine with his teaching style.
Gentle Readers,

I now present the things Shyska asked me to write about.

Where did Kenny come from? Well, Just after Cortejo and I got married (13 years ago!) We were living in an apartment on Kent Street and Corgejo decided she wanted a cat. I didn't really want a cat, but eventually I was convinced by her and the roommate that it was a good plan and she managed to find someone who was giving away their cat on one of the Ottawa used item newsgroups. We went to pick him up from this nice Chinese family who had decided that a cat didn't fit their lifestyle after getting it declawed, having a new baby and taking a cross country car trip with said cat. He was much happier at his new house. One of his interesting habits for the first little while was not engaging in typical cat behaviors until it was mentioned in his presence that he did not do them. This is why his initials were KGB. We thought he might be a spy.

TL/DR version: We got him used, on the internet.

Why did I want to be Baron? Well, I started thinking about wanting to be baron when E&X stepped down. At the time I didn't really know what the job meant or anything like that, but I did know that I thought the hats were cool and I liked the phrase "Seek What Comfort You May". I remember talking with Kes about the possibility of running when they stepped down as not just a Bad Baron but an Evil Baron (as far over the top as we could go), cackling manically and talking about enslaving the populace during the candidates meetings and such. I thought it would be fun. When K&M stepped down, the time was just not right for us. Lydia was much younger and my SCA participation had waned. When the opportunity came up again a few years later, it just felt like the right time. I thought we could do a good job and I thought it would be fun. We seem to be right on both counts.

TL/DR version: I thought it would be fun.

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