Gentle Readers,

The aforementioned subject is one that is rapidly becoming difficult. As discussed previously, yesterday was my first time back at Aikido in about a month. Today was my first time back at Kickboxing with muscles that were already unhappy with me regarding a what was to my recollection a fairly light workout.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get someone as a partner today who was quite new and also a southpaw so there was some slowness in our practice and it wasn't quite as horrible as it could have been. I admit that I'm a little disappointed that a 3x circuit of pennsic every day while I was there was not enough to maintain my previous level of physical fitness. Still, it was really really good to be back and to be moving and to feel like I was not the baby wildebeest that I was
when I started.

It was lovely this morning, but now it's dark and rainy and I'm not looking forward to going out side and getting rained on.

In other news, I'm looking at my 15th century clothing project and I must say that I don't think I've found anyone who's gotten the short brais correct. All of the patterns I've seen so far look like something that I'd fall out of and while wearing split hose, I don't think that would be becoming for a baron. Especially with the sitting up on a dais at the front of court and all.
Gentle Readers,

I finally made it back to Aikido today. What with Pennsic and preparations for the same I haven't been for about a month. Imagine my surprise when Sensei R calls me up for the first sequence. Then the further surprise when he tells me to get on my hands and knees perpendicular to him. Anyway, we were practicing forward rolls off someone's back. I was actually pretty pleased with mine. I exhaled at the right point and managed not too put too much weight on the kneeling person as well as not slamming too hard into the mats.

This changed with some of the later ukemi but overall I feel like I had a pretty good class. It was really positive reinforcement for coming back and I'm looking forward to Friday.

Tonight We've got a birthday party to attend for someone we haven't seen in a few years. It will be lovely to visit I think, but I'm still not sure what to bring.

In other news, I'm really enjoying all of the In Detail posts that people are making. Perhaps I'll try it later, but right now, I'm just trying to get back into posting regularly. Speaking of daily posting, I forgot to mention that we finally managed to have Kira-Lynn over for dinner (for Lydia's birthday to boot). It's always so good to hang out with her.

Tomorrow: more martial arts.
Friday: time with clinkerfiacio.
Saturday: more Birthday Parties.
Sunday: possibly some sewing. I've promised Lydia some clothes for her and a doll of her choice. She picked one of her barbies. They are getting some Early-Mid 15th century Italian clothing I think. I'll have to double check with her.

Full week, no?
Gentle Readers,

Today is my daughter's 7th birthday. How amazing is that?

I'm back at work after 2 marvelous weeks of vacation. Still feeling relaxed but that might be related to the sleep dep from last night. Not sure what caused it but I just couldn't sleep and so that killed my intention to go to aikido as I really don't feel safe driving when I'm feeling so exhausted, especially when I'm alone in the car.

In other news, an important life tip: always check apples for rotten spots before polishing them on your shirt.
Gentle Readers,

I wanted to get this down before I forgot any more of the details. There were 5 of us testing that night. One fellow doing his 5th Kyu test and the rest of us (Me, A, a Karate Black Belt and young (tween) girl).

The tradition at our dojo is for there to be a class of some of the more unusual techniques that Aikido has to offer followed by a short break and then the tests. As I was unsure about bus timing I ended up getting there an hour early. I sat and had some smoothie and read an article about the coal ash ponds failing in Tennessee. Eventually I got changed and got on the mat. Sensei K check in with me to make sure I felt ready. I told him how I had been doing visualizations and that I felt like I was in a good place. Then we did some bizarre finishes on Tski Iriminage and then, all of a sudden, it was time to test.

I took a moment to introduse myself to Sensei Don (the head of the Dojo) so that he at least knew what I looked like.

The 5th Kyu and the Black belt did their tests first. On one hand I had to wait, but fortunately I was prepared enough that I didn't start feeling nervous. Their tests went pretty smoothly and while Sensei threw in some unusual stuff, it wasn't too weird and it helped me remember that he was going to do that to me too.

As expected they also did randori. The two of them did pretty well too.

Then it was my turn. Thankfully my feet had not fallen asleep while I waited in seiza. I was able to knee walk to my spot without embarassing myself. My partner was someone I just met named Karl. He was a fantastic partner with amazing ukemi. He did a fantastic job of making me look good. We began with suwari waza. I think I got most of it. Then to standing. We started with Shomen uchi Ikkyo and then went on into the specified actions for the test.

He threw in a few others, but the only one that I didn't manage was a Kote gaeshi which I just couldn't get.

Once that was finished, it was time for some Randori. We faces 5 blackbelts. That was a little intimidating. I was a little rough and static at first but I managed to find my groove and keep it even after re-spraining my thumb in the middle. My last 4 throws were great.

Sensei was pleased with my variety of technique but felt that I need a longer stance. I'm not sure what that means but bushidoku was generous enough to video my whole test so I'll be able to obsess over it quite a bit once I get a copy.

4th Kyu

Mar. 31st, 2010 01:22 pm
Gentle Readers,

Tonight I am doing my test for 4th Kyu. I was nervous on Monday when I had trouble with a couple of the techniques, but we went through them all again this morning and I managed to remember everything. I'm sure there are little things I will miss and that's ok. I just need to remember to do the gross movements and do them slowly enough to think.

I don't need to be fast, I need to be precise and keep moving. I need to keep the flow going.

One of the most useful things I've done with this is strongly practice my visualization techniques. Being able to sit on the bus and go through many repetitions of each action has done wonders for how my actual executions of the motions work. I think it's been at least as valuable as the actual physical practice.

For example on friday I finally understood what Sensei K was trying to explain to me about footwork and by monday I was able to encorporate that effectively into the technique. Likewise I was having trouble with one technique on monday, continuously getting the hands wrong and today thanks to the mental repetition I had no problems with it.

For now, I need to remember to breathe. As long as I keep breathing, everything will work out fine.
Gentle Readers,

I had an awesome Aikido class this morning where I sprained my thumb.

In other news, my Kickboxing dojo just expanded classes to every day and Cortejo is not working tonight so I can go to Armoured practice.

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Gentle Readers,

So today is being a great day so far.

Aikido was good this morning. I was able to identify problems thanks to insite from sensei K, I was able to at least be aware of the correction, even if I wasn't doing a great job of correcting the action. K also thinks I should be thinking about my 4th Que test, and to be honest, I've been putting it off, but really I think I shouldn't be worried about it until I can managed to get my name plaque done and up on the board.

It was pretty demanding though and I could feel myself getting slower and slower as the class went on. Sensei N at Kickboxing (I think that's the correct term) pointed out that if you are doing a repetitive exercise and your speed and rhythm have not changed, it's your brain and not your body that is making you stop. My body was really complaining this morning. We weren't doing things that were that demanding, just falling down and getting up again. I'm hoping that means I'm doing better with my intensity.

Other good things: we're about ready to review my design here at the new job. If everyone is cool with the direction then I get to zip off and see if I can get it to work. It's going to be developing some new and valuable skills so that's pretty awesome and thankfully it's got some divisibility into some nicely sized chunks so it won't be too overwhelming. I won't be looking at it thinking how the hell am I going to even start. That helps keep the procrastinating to a minimum (and lest you think I'm procrastinating now, I'm going to use the excuse that my first presentation meeting got bumped to the afternoon).

Things look good for the event this weekend. We have a place to stay and things to eat, even a packing list. The only tricky part is making sure we have room for everyone/thing in the car. There will be multiple tourneys and at least one affair of honour.

In addition, it looks like my chainmail is in Syracuse, hopefully to be delivered soon so if we can work out timing I'll both get to pick it up and see Mister-Robinson, maybe even in time to use it at the event.

Also, I've got rabbit stew for lunch.


May. 20th, 2009 10:07 am
Gentle Readers,

Today, the randomly blocked sites from work include Google Docs and Photobucket (but not flickr or gmail). Site blocking is a random and stupid way to protect your network. Could be worse I suppose. Could be using Keywords.

In other news, today was the end of an era. Last week at Aikido, I ripped my left nipple piercing and it's been unhappy ever since. I took it out today along with the other one so I wouldn't list to the right. Not sure how I feel about this yet. I've had them for at least 15 years. At one point I was at 10 and now I'm down to 2. I guess I'll have to get some tattoos to compensate.
Gentle Readers,

First I must curse my poor planning from this morning. I had hoped to go to the gym at lunch time but I forgot to bring a bike lock and so that's just not happening. I'm going to have to attach said lock to the bike itself instead of carrying it in a bag. Still, plan is foiled.

As for dreams, I had fairly vivid ones the last couple of days.

Yesterday I was woken up by my alarm in the middle of a dream where I was all upset that I had not gotten up in time for aikido. The alarm in question was, of course, to get me up in time for Aikido.

This morning, I had a dream that I was riding in a large car through Manhattan. In the front were My dad, a couple of other people I don't remember and Lydia. In the back was myself sandwitched between two lady fencers I know (although one of them I only know virtually). We were going for dinner at a restaurant that was in a mall built into a converted underground parking garage. At one point on the way down, I had to lift up a black fiberglass pig, advertising a deli bar, that had fallen from it's chains.

The restaurant was second from the bottom but we had to go down to the very bottom to find a space large enough to turn the car around. This space was some sort of meditation/yoga space. It was carpeted but the carpets had channels cut that led to the drains (in case of rain I guess). I'm not sure where we ended up parking.

I remember flirting with the two ladies and then I woke up.
Gentle Readers,

I took a sick day today and slept the first half of it away. It was not as restful as I was hoping as I woke up every hour or so and the sleep that I did get was filled with vivid frustration dreams. After one, I had to get up to get cortejo to promise not to make binge grocery purchases, especially ones that involved 2 cases of 10 Penny ale.

I finished off the last seam on the zupon after I got up and it's now hung up to relax before i sew the hem. Then buttons and loops and I'm done. I made add the side slits later or I may just put them on the next one.

Given the 50 years behind that the fashion trends of the baltics are, I'm wondering if maybe the Zupon is perhaps a corruption of houpeland. The look is similar.

Sensei yesterday had a good turn of phrase discussing the nature of the Uke in practice, but at the end of class neither of us could remember it. It had to do with a good uke responding fully to the nage so that the nage knows if they have it right. There was something else to it, talking about the nature of responding. I should have tried harder to commit it to memory.

I danced at the dance practice yesterday and didn't fight at the fight practice. The local duke mocked me a little for taking so long to get my kit together, but I think it was partly because I was teasing ladyblacksmith.

We elected not to stay for food and came home and had tea with Kira-Lynn instead.

I slept so much, I don't know why just writing this is making me so tired.

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