Gentle Readers,

Here I lie, after a lovely weekend.

As hoped the A&S thing was lovely. There were 50 people. I've been to smaller events (that had less active participation). I got my hood pieces (outer and liner) cut out and had some facinating discussions with all kinds of people.

We sent Lydia off to the twins house and headed home child free. I'm pretty sure we were both asleep before 9:30. I'm not sure what it was but I managed to sleep through the night, only waking up once. This rest made for todays good spirits I think.

The fight for life was amazing. We had 3 schools together and did a day of swordfigting with no drama and very little ego. I wasn't as good at the armoured combat as I had hoped and the steel legs I was wearing are aweful. I also only got in one round because the helmet I had gaped and exposed my neck. I didn't think that i could have tied it down until after I had gotten out of my armour.

The day was very positve and we raised almost 2K for the Walk for Life fundraiser. I think the fact that it was a fund raiser was what helped peope check their egos at the door. There was no sense that this was about prooving anything, it was just a means to collect money for a charity.

Afterwards was a lovely potluck to which I managed to contribute things other people ate.

Now, heres hoping for another good nights sleep.
Gentle Readers,

Since it was just me and Craig today, we decided to work on some of the spear plays from Gladiatoria and then a couple more from some other sources. Interestingly, most if it seemed to be tactical advice as opposed to actual weapon actions which is interesting. As far as we can tell, the rules of the combat seem to require that the combatant has 4 things: a shield (a small pavaise), a spear, a sword and a dagger. In order to draw the sword, it appears to be necessary to drop either the spear or the shield, although there was at least one image where the sheild and sword were held in the left hand while the spear was made ready for throwing. So, I don't know.

Anyway, it was lots of fun even if we didn't do any freeplay.

Right now, I'm procrastinating packing for Coronation. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to bring but I've not managed to get my butt over to the closet to pack it. Sad really. Part of me is really hoping that the power will still be out at work tomorrow but Hydro Ottawa is pretty with it and so that will likely not be the case.

Slight Dip

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:57 pm
Gentle Readers,

The problem with having a nice weekend is that getting back into the swing of things at work is always a bit of a let down.

This past weekend I was off at the Longpoint 2011 mid-atlantic HEMA gathering. I went down with the head instructor for our club as his assistant. He was going to share his point of view on I.33 and start to get better know. I'm thrilled with how serious he is taking this. I'm sure that it's only partly because I am not in the same situation so I have to live vicariously through him.

Anyway, his class went fantastically. It was very well received and he got a lot of positive feedback. Actually, I also got feedback to say I was a great assistant and made my intent very clear. My Aikido Sensei would be very pleased.

The 18+ hours of driving were just fine except for the expected blizzard just north of Syracuse. I suspect that Pulaski has a Hellmouth. We spent much of the ride there and back talking about his plans for the club and where to go with things. The plan is currently to become a fairly german centric school which means that I will be likely switching to teaching German style rappier. That should be very interesting and by interesting I mean new and scary.

It's almost too bad that the boys did so well with the Saviolo last night at class. They were able to flow through the first sequence and have it look like they were really fighting. That made up for a more disturbing afternoon. The disturbing aspects of the afternoon will be noted in another post.

Today it was back to Kick Boxing and it was pretty good. I wasn't dead at the end of the class, but that probably has more to do with having to push my partner rather than the other way around. He should really go more than 2 times a month. I'm not sure how things are going to go over the next little while. One of the uber-bosses has brokered a corporate plan with the dojo and so for about what I'm paying now, I can also add in some of the other stuff the school does. Given my available time, that means I'll be able to go to the lunch time BJJ classes should I so desire. I'm not sure what else I'd have access to.

I'm sure cortejo would appreciate it if I did the correct response and not the goofy response when she was trying to strangle me.
Gentle Readers,

I'm sitting here at Lotusice's house, just a little bit north of Baltimore. Craig and I are here for a WMA seminar/tournament. He's trying to make sure that people are aware of his (very good) interpretation of I.33 and is here doing his first time teaching outside of the Ottawa area.

For a 9 hour drive, it was pretty good, except for the expected white-outs around Pulaski (north of Syracuse). The strangest part is that it's pretty much completely down hill all the way here. At first I was confused as to how we could be going that far down but then I remembered that we were going towards the equator and so I guess it probably had something to do with curvature of the earth.

Anyway, Lotusice and family are lovely and showering us with hospitality. The kids and cats are friendly.

The event was pretty fun too. Craig's class went well. It was the first time I've ever been complimented on my skills as an assistant.

I also took a class on Dussak from Lee Smith who is from Vancouver, beating us for furthest distance traveled.

The tournaments were interesting in that they were judged and the combatants did not call their own blows. In fact they were not allowed to. That was interesting.

Also interesting is all of the people who sort of talk around the fact that they are in the SCA. When you get them to admit it, they act a little embarrassed.

I'm sure there is more but this is seeming pretty scattered so I should probably go to bed now.

Good night.

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