Gentle Readers,

Its a relaxing Sunday, the first weekend of March and everyone else in the house is asleep. All 3 of them. I'm not talking about Reyl, he's off in Montreal. We've got a new addition in the house.

His name is Shadow and he's an 8 year old Great Pyranese. He's absolutely lovely. His temperament is just fantastic and he seems to have integrated himself into the house quite well.

Shadow and Lydia, taking a ride.

This is his first week with us. Thankfully no one seems to be allergic which is good, although we have all chosen the last 2 weeks to be sick and unhappy and my work just happens to be in the pre-trade show crunch that happens at this time every year.

What with being sick this week, I was hit fairly hard with a number of significant bugs being as a result of changes I've done. So no working out, no time to think about much and being the cause of work for other people left me feeling old, fat, slow and stupid. Thankfully, this is lj/dw and is the optimal place to winge about feeling like I'm not meeting my own standards and how everything sucks.

Thursday I didn't want to go back to work, but I'd been off for two days already (and spent half of them working from home instead of resting). It ended up being a good thing because I finally managed to solve a bug that's been sporadically appearing since the beginning. Fixing that left me feeling like things were turning around. The fact that the weather has been springlike certainly helps (even if I haven't had much energy to be doing thing).

So, with this renewed mental energy and the springlike weather (even if I do expect a new dump of snow at least once this month) I'm going to set new month resolutions.

First, I will walk to the main bus station. There's really no good reason not to. it only saves me about 5 min tops and frequently, I wait that long for the bus to show up.

Second, I will set up my flow charts and work out my Pallas Armata lesson plan. Craig's work with the new lesson plan for the sword hall is fantastic and I want to keep pace with him.

Third, I will go to BJJ 4 times this month. My Thursday schedule allows it so there's no good reason not to.

Four, I will give Shadow all of the loves, because, really, he's awesome.

Shadow making a snow butterfly
Gentle Readers,

First, I'm going to share a picture of me from the weekend.

I'm the one getting the spear thrust in the face. The one doing the stabbing is one of the instructors from the hosting school. He followed that up by stabbing me in the face with a sword and a dagger.

I'm really hoping that we will get some interest from this. with the number of people who saw the event and our 200 person groupon and people just randomly coming to try a class, it really seems like we are on a roll. However, it seems much less like that when I am at class and there are no students. Tonight was one of those nights. We did have some people come to the longsword class (which I can't attend at the moment), but there were no students following up with the Sword and Buckler class that I can attend.

Craig has decided that he is going to move to a slightly larger space in the same building. I think his optimism is wonderful and the things we can do in that space will help justify the expenditure, but I'm worried that this will fail. I'm worried that we will not get the students. When it's my classes that don't get students, I worry that I'm going to be the thing that keeps the school from growing. I don't want Craig to fail because of me.

The rational part of my brain knows that's silly it has much more to do with my not teaching the main cirriculum. However, the emotional side of things is less good at coping.

OK, enough winging. Time for sleep.
Gentle Readers,

I'm still sick. It sucks.

It did not stop me from attending the inagural night of classes at Ottawa Swordplay's new Sword Hall. Craig is living the dream and I'm getting to come along for the ride. He's not even asking that I chip in for gas.

My first class as an instructor is not until Monday, but last night we did the full Thursday schedule: Armoured Combat(Spear/Sword/Dagger, limited targets) , Close Combat (Grappling and Dagger) and Longsword. It was wonderful. I didn't have the energy for any freeplay other than spear but that's ok. It was fun regardless.

This evening, I brought David out to the hall for some practice for my prize. Lessons learned:

  • Do not move forward without a plan. you cannot force an opening, you can only create a situation where they give you one.

  • Give them a reason to move in. If they don't have an invitation, they will leave.

  • Stringering inside works great for moving forward, but move into third as soon you lose contact. Don't push past horizontal.

  • Respond as soon as they move forward. It's what you wanted, so disrupt their plan.

  • Learn the Stringer without. you need an entry to that side which is not just arm sniping.

  • don't lead with your face.

There are probably more, but I think that's enough for now.

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