Gentle Readers,

Another weekend has passed. Three more to go before the fourth which is the Prize. In other words just a month left of me nattering on about my fencing practice to the exclusion of all else. And then I will likely continue with said nattering, but a bit more of other stuff will creep in.

For example, this weekend Lydia did her test for her Junior Green Belt. She was extremely anxious about this, cumulating with multiple meltdowns on Friday. Saturday morning at her test, however, not only did she know everything, but she was the only person who knew the Kimura. Even the kid with the green belt didn't know it. Her front rolls flowed like water. She looked awesome. I'm very proud.

After that, my Saturday didn't do so well. Apparently the Cliff Builder Bars are no longer on my safe to eat list. Something I didn't confirm until late last night. On the bright side I did get most of the taxes done for this year and last year. All we need are the child care/fitness expenses for Lydia and I can send them off. Sadly, no e-filing for me this year (since we didn't get last year done in time) but thankfully the return will cover the property taxes.

Anyway, in fencing news, I was playing with Meyer's lunge during my Friday morning practice and I had a revelation. For Meyer's lunge, you start in Right Ox (Similar to Prime) you lunge to target, turn your hand on contact and follow through with a slashing cut from right to left at the bottom of the lunge and then cut back up to Right Ox as you recover. Right Ox is one of the 4 Hangen. The others are Right Plow (Secunde in Tierce), Left Plow (Tierce in Quatro) and Left Ox (prime on the left? not sure how best to describe this).

So the revelation was that you can do the lunge to cut to recovering cut from all of these positions. And, if you play with it, you can do most cuts (some just take longer). And, because of the cut to thrust transitions that Meyer uses, you can also do this from all of your cutting guards like Vom Tage (Guardia Alta I think or maybe de Testa).

Nifty stuff and also means I know what I'm teaching tomorrow.

Because a class full of lunges never hurt anyone.

Mwa ha ha ha ha.
Gentle Readers,

At the moment I'm having some blood sugar issues. It's really not surprising but one of the most frustrating aspects of it is that I have no idea if my emotional response to things is appropriate or not. Really, this kind of "GAH!" turmoil is a very appropriate end to this unexpectly draining weekend.

Things started to go all pear shaped on Thursday when I started this lovely tension headach, likely caused by too much hunching in frustration over code problems I was having. It crawled up between my shoulder blades, continued up the back of my skull, snaked around my ears on either side and stabbed in at the temples. It faded a bit over night, but by Friday night it was back in full force, just in time for our drive to Pickering.

It faded over night again, but after lunch it reappeared as that kind of migraine that doesn't hurt but your eyes and your brain just don't work right. Thankfully it was before that that I engaged (and beat) her Excellency Adrielle in bouncyball jousting. Even post Advil, the day just didn't seem to pick up. It should have been so energising with a lovely couple having been selected as Baron and Baroness, a number of worthy gentle being recognised including a deserving lady being put on vigil for laurel. Even outside of the pomp, I got to have some excellent conversations with lovely people but for some reason I just couldn't get my feet under me.

We left exhausted.

We got back to our hosts to discover a lice infestation, so while our post-rev involved nudity, essential oils, hot showers and shared grooming, it wasn't as much fun as that description might lead one to believe. We didn't even drink.

Sleep didn't seem to do much to help and I think I woke up more tired than when I went to sleep. My blood sugar started going wonky somewhere around Port Hope and even after it didn't stabilise, leaving me no choice but to cancel my plans and hide at home. Unfortunately, I discovered a couple of things that triggered my anger response and, thanks to the ol' blood sugar I have no idea if I am reacting appropriately or not.

I hate that so much.

And with that frustration, the tension headache seems to be worming its way back.

Hopefully sleep will have a more permanent effect tonight.

The Tempest

Jan. 7th, 2010 01:38 pm
Gentle Readers,

Today I'm back at work, but it's not going well. The sugar pendulum has not yet stopped swinging so my head is full of all kinds of irrational emotional turmoil and my stomach was feeling left out and so addded it's on tumtultous feelings to the mix. It's a tempest in a torso.

I also seem to be doing something to my wrist that is suspiciously like CTS so I'm spending brain power trying to figure out a better ergonomic situation.


On the plus side, Reyl has finished the first coat of the pumpkin's room and it is very pumpkin like. I think she'll love it. There's even a chance that he'll get started on his own room tonight.

I'm so looking forward to making the revised rooms habitable.

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