The Tempest

Jan. 7th, 2010 01:38 pm
Gentle Readers,

Today I'm back at work, but it's not going well. The sugar pendulum has not yet stopped swinging so my head is full of all kinds of irrational emotional turmoil and my stomach was feeling left out and so addded it's on tumtultous feelings to the mix. It's a tempest in a torso.

I also seem to be doing something to my wrist that is suspiciously like CTS so I'm spending brain power trying to figure out a better ergonomic situation.


On the plus side, Reyl has finished the first coat of the pumpkin's room and it is very pumpkin like. I think she'll love it. There's even a chance that he'll get started on his own room tonight.

I'm so looking forward to making the revised rooms habitable.
Gentle Readers,

My real world is almost completely drama free at the moment. It's not terribly exciting but I can live with that. This week I've demolished a bunch of stuff in my basement and moved almost a dump truck of dirt not to mention dealing with a briefly sick little girl, aikido and a family Tae Kwon Do class. So, drama free but very busy. In addition, everyone involved seems on board with the plans for the basement so that is also good.

An interesting note, after the TKD class last night, Lydia and I decided to weigh ourselves. She was just under 50 lbs. I was just over 200. Cool as it is to weigh 4 Lydias, I was a little surprised as that means I've gained at least 10 lbs in the last 4 months, but my pants still fit the same way. Also, I should throw out the bathroom scale.

Anyway, in my pretend world, drama has started (as I knew it would) when their Highnesses announced that they would be banning Dueling as part of their royal whims. This probably wouldn't have been so bad except that they were not terribly clear about what constituted dueling and some of our fencers can be a little sensitive about what could be perceeved as a banning of their activity.

There are a couple of people who sound really incensed about this and are talking about things like "a special salute". I really hope that this is not done especially given that one of these people ignored the final round of the last crown tourny in order to keep fighting pick-up.

Personally don't see what the big deal is. As long as tournaments are not described as duels there's no problem what so ever.
Gentle Readers,

It's been a busy week. As some of you know, we've restarted our renovations and have decided to get the basement done as the dampness of the summer made for a damp basement which turned to mold which led to "we need to do something about this right quick". And so we have. Our basement is now bereft of everything that was there, bare down to the concrete. It's interesting but not terribly liveable.

In support of this work, I've been clearing crap out of our basement. This is aided by the giant dumpster that is currently living in our driveway. My workshop is emptied out and a goodly proportion of what we need to remove from the basement is gone. We're going to be turning the former workshop into the new laundry room which will, I think, also do double duty as a sewing room if we can make it comfortable enough. It is really too bad that Laundry chutes are bad things as I know that that would make cortejo very happy.

Thursday I had a great talk with M and S and with luck I'll hear from them this week. I have also arranged things with J should that go forward. I'm practing by being cryptic.

In other news, I found out about facebook lite which makes facebook bearable.

Friday night i went to see Ins├ęparable. It was great fun but sparsely attended. I suspect this has more to do with the lack of promotion (even my theater friends knew nothing about it) than any flaws with the play itself. The dialog was witty and well constructed. The acting was fun. I hope their attendance picks up. It's encouraging me to look more into the lives of Wolfe and Montcalm so I can see if there were any jokes that I missed.

Saturday was more of the previously mentioned basement prep work. It looks so empty down there. I'm really looking forward to it looking like a modern room instead of a 70's basement. I'm very much in favour of a bright comfortable living space.

Today I'm not able to go to fencing as Cortejo has a job interview off in the east end so there's no time.

le very big sigh.

Instead I'll finish off the workshop and maybe hack a bit more at the remains in the big basement room.

Speaking of finishing things, I finished off the undertunic save for the hem. It was experimental in that I tried finishing the pieces before I put them together. t made for a nice looking garment but I'm not sure I'm happy about the time it takes to whip-stitch everything together. I'm going to try a slightly modified method with the overtunic (made with the leftovers of Lydia's Jedi Robe!) so we'll see how that works.

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