Gentle Readers,

I've been home from vacation for 3 days. I'm kinda back into the real world but not quite as it's Cortejo and Lydia's birthdays and my parents are visiting too so things are not quite back to normal. I am back at work though so that's about as normal as it gets until I start back at the sword hall next week.

Pennsic was pretty awesome. I got a bit of fencing in. I got to help put together an Italian Villa. I got to cook for an appreciative audience. I fought in 2 war points. I lost in the Champions battle but it was an excellent boute. We lost in the flag battle but mostly because we were outnumbered (by 20%) and they had better tactics.

The weather was mostly hot with a bit of rain. Our pavillion survived and we were fairly comfortable in it but some kind of ceiling fan would be a great addition.

We managed to pack up mostly dry and were in the car before the hail started just as we were leaving for the Recreational Violence weekend.

I think the best part was that I got to see so many old and good friends, even if we only got a few short moments together.

The RV weekend was great. There were only 8 of us there so it was basically an instructors retreat but not having to worry about skillsets as we were teaching was pretty good. My class on messer went well. I'll have to write up an report overall.

We just finished a teleconference baronial meeting. Tired now.

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