I don't see SCA as a martial arts in any sense of the word.
There is no battlefield application, no codified traditions, no system, no ranking.
As a sport there is no league, divisions, agreed playing fields, judges/refs or 100% agreed to rules. It's all very up to interpretation.
At best its a game of cowboys and indians much like we played as children. We run around playing warriors, and when we fight we hope each other falls down.
--liguangming on ArmourArchive
Gentle Readers,

I type this note while in the background my beloved daughter bemoans the evils of the world that have fallen upon her. Poor thing. She is very tired. I think she, like her parents, slept very poorly last night for a varity of reasons.

On Friday I left work a little early (having arrived early) zipped home and collected the lydia and cortejo and we headed off to Barrie for some indoor camping. We found the site with no trouble but arrived to see police cars a damaged UPS truck and a totalled minivan. Then we recognized the bumper sticker on the back of said minivan. Thankfully no one was hurt and we all went on to have a lovely weekend except for some logistic challenges returning home.

The site was a former manufacturing plant and gave us about 2 acres to play with. The food was basic but good and there was plenty of room for everything including indoor archery (which I did not try). First thing Saturday morning urban_squirrl authorized in armoured combat. She was fabulous, killing of the Baron of Septentria in her fight for the Crown. As I had already mentioned the possibility of making the attempt on Facebook, I now had an excellent example to encourage me further. This is in addition to the fact that a number of large people with sticks had informed cortejo that I would not be allowed to leave without trying.

I tried to fence but my Hip was still too unhappy with me to allow me to lunge (which I discovered lunging against Yoshi ("You winced, are you ok?")). So I got into armour and did some sewing while I waited for someone to practice with. The MIC let me practice even though there was way too big a gap under my chin. Sir Edward clarified some rules for me and let me practice fighting while legged. Then HRH requested that I fight with her. She thumped me but it was delightfully fun. I love her enthusiasm.

Later, after the (delicious) feast, she helped me get the helmet fighting legal (until my aventail arrives).

The next morning after pancakes and sausages, I marched over to the list where I authorized against the Prince. I have to say I was not in the least worried about success. I knew what to expect, and I knew what was expected of me. From what I'm told it was a pretty good authorization and my skill at not only being able to call all blows during the intense bit as well as well as fighting back was a good thing.
Gentle Readers,

Today I took a few steps farther along a path that I've been avoiding for many years. I went to the A&S and I taped up a rattan "sword". I'm getting keener to do this armoured combat thing, but still not quite excited. Still, I'm getting a lot closer than I would be if I were waiting to get all of the fancy kit before starting.

I've got:
Helmet: Giant and ugly and needs some extra padding to sit at the right height. need 10 min.
Mitten Gauntlets: Need strapping and gloves. need a couple of hours.
Demi-Gauntlets: Good to go.
Leather forearms and steel elbows: Ready to go.
Legs and Knees: Even uglier than the helmet but again ready to go.
Sword: taped up and ready to go.

About to be purchased:
New gorget: (tuesday)
Body Armour: (this coming weekend)

Shoulder and upper arms: ideally steel pauldrons but I"ll take what I can get.
Shield. ideally a viking round, but ditto.

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