Gentle Readers,

What an amazing weekend I had. Friday was a day off thanks to the people who make the rules believing that some guy got the death penalty two thousand years ago. I spent it with my family in peace and harmony. I did some serious cleaning in the basement and threw out a bunch of crap that I'd been keeping around for no good reason. I did some baking. I made grain free cookies.

recipe under here )

Even though I had to stop doing the Whole30 thanks to crazy blood sugar swings, constant hunger and an unhappy digestive system (pretty much the opposite of what's supposed to happen), I do still like the cooking and I wanted to bring something nice to blinkus2000's Dinner and Cigar party that he and xiphia could eat.

I headed off to their party just as finatedancer and peredur arrived to drop off their daughter for the night so they could go off to their own party. I had to get them to pull out of the drive way so I could leave.

I arrived just in time for dinner and we weren't even through the salad course when blinkus had my pants off. This was thanks to their new dining table's lazy susan causing a glass of a lovely red wine to be knocked into my lap. Shortly thereafter I was in his pants and enjoying a delicious steak and tasty tasty veggies. Everyone seemed to love the cookies after dinner too so that was nice.

We too a pause to digest and await the other arrivals and then it was onto the balcony for the cigars. Blinkus had arranged a lovely array of food pairings for the smokes including smoked oysters, limes, grapes, chocolate covered bacon, smoked salmon, some lovely sausages and cheeses, and my favourite, chocolate covered caramelized lime. The chocolate was unsweetended and smoothed out with coconut oil that had sauteed some chillies. Delicious.

The smoking was interesting. I could taste the differences between the different types of tobacco (no inhaling, just like Clinton). I'm not sure if I was able to fully appreciate the cigar that was mine, but I did have some awareness of it's qualities. I also finally learned what a cheroot was thanks to shyska bringing a bunch of tobacco and similar products that came from Afghanistan.

I also got to play with a Kennect and I have to say, the technology is pretty awesome.

I got home in time to say goodnight to my swordboyfriend who was up for the weekend due to his wife's blacksmithing date. And then to bed.

Saturday was nice and relaxed. I took mister_robinson off to see Lee Valley and Princess Auto while I looked for some tools to deal with the ash polls that I bought from sperry to make practice weapons. After we got home I spent the rest of the day shaving my shaft.

I made a lovely dinner with mennonite saurkraut and local sausage and a side of sweet potato fried in bacon fat. I watched an kinda terrible movie with lydia (oh so heavy handed) and then my cold finally said "you're Done!" and I fell down.

Today I did some armouring and then had a bunch of friends come over for fencing and potluck. I had such a good time and I have to say, I love Spear fighting. It was so much fun. Also did messer, sword and buckler, pole axe, rapier and lots of talking about fighting. Maybe we'll add some armoured combat next time. The weather was perfect.

Then for the potluck (I think I will need to make it clearer that the potluck is for dinner next time) I made a bit of pork ribs that even the texan complimented.

Just a fantastic time.

I'm not sure if this has recharged me for work or if I'm frustrated that I have to go back.

Gentle Readers,

The plan today was pretty good. First the Ottawa Classical Swordplay open house to check out the new dojo space that we are renting and then back home for my birthday party. Yesterday I got some wine and some (read lots) of interesting cheese for said party.

This morning however, it's looking more and more like we are going to have to cancel. I'll confirm in a couple hours, but it does not look good. I am disappointed. Not sure what I'm going to do with my evening or with all the cheese if we cancel.

Post Party

Jan. 3rd, 2010 01:48 am
Gentle Readers,

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to my party yesterday and inform those of you who could not make it that you were missed. I had an amazing time. I got a couple more photos for my birthday collection. I drank just the right amount (of Gin, Lemon Vodka, and Honey, Red and White wines). I ate stuffed Grape Leaves, Hummus, Pita, Dates, Figs, Tabbouleh, Banana Chips, Apricots, and also had Halva, Shortbread, Turkish Delight and these sandwitch cookies that I miss available for others.

I also shucked about 170 oysters with the assistence of my shucking buddies Reyl, Blinkus2000 and Tiny_Wings. I think I ate at least 3 Dozen of them. They were very very good. Next time I'll only get 1 case.

We had old friends and new friends and even a bear.

It was the most awesome birthday celebration I could have hoped for.

I hope my new year can carry on with that level of positivity (although perhaps more sobriety would be a good idea).

Today, however, I am done. Nothing was left for dealing with anything and so we did not end up attending the two parties we had hoped to go to. I hope the choir enjoys the remains of the deserts.
Gentle Readers,

I'm here at working wringing the last bits out of 2009. We're all psyched for the party tomorrow (I hope you can make it). Our house is full of oysters and will soon be full of other stuff as we prepare food and space for our guests, although I have no idea who or how many are coming.

I'm hoping that it will be enough to eat all of the food we are preparing.

2009 was a pretty good year for me, even with being laid off and the joys and frustrations of a job search in this economy. Being Baron has been very rewarding even if it has limited the set of friends that we are able to see. I know that many of you are very glad to see this year end and with good reason. For those of you, I hope that all of your troubles are left behind and the new year holds more positive than you know what to do with.

There's a bunch of things I'm looking forward to in the coming year, in addition to the regular ones. There's my 4th qyu test, The Chivalric Weekend, the Sword Boyfriend getting his passport, The renovations finishing, Reyl and the pumpkin moving in, finishing a project for my Dean's prize and possibly playing it, having a room to myself, making landsknect for his highness, continuing with the kickboxing, keeping up the hard work at the new job, trying learn more than 3 chords on one of the instruments I have aquired.

So much, that I'm not sure I have time for resolutions.

Every once and a while I get frustrated at not being able to acomplish more with the time that I have, especially when I look at my friends and see all of the beautiful things that they are making with their time but then I look back at the lists of things I have done and I realize I'm not being quite the slouch that I think I am.

Thanks again to all of you.
Gentle Readers,

Since I'm going to be be out of town for my actual birthday and I still want to celebrate I'm going to have a late party.
Since most of the other days are filled up, it's going to be on Friday, the First of January.
Since many of you will be recovering from NYE, we're going to help by making this an oyster party. Raw oysters.
Since you all will be sleeping late, this hangover breakfast will start late afternoon.
Since we will be providing Oysters, Vodka, Lemon Juice, if you want to bring something, bring something to go on or with the oysters.
Since some of you might find this the most disgusting thing ever, we will be providing some other food.
Since it's my birthday and you might want to give me something (which you don't have to) I'd like the same thing I want every year: a picture of you that you like.
Crash space will be available, but it might be a little unfinished...
Gentle Readers,

I just wanted to mention before I head off to Crown, that we had a lovely party on monday to celibrate Cortejo and My 12th wedding anniversary. It was absolutely wonderful. There were all kinds of people. We (cortejo) did some stick fighting. We (I) did some fencing. Yummy food was eaten.

The weather was beautiful and so were the guests.

With that and the investiture and everything else I don't think I've had such a wonderful weekend in some time.

I think it bodes quite well for the summer.

In other news, I've got to start thinking about garb for pennsic. I'd like to make a few more zupans including a linen fencing one. I'll probably need a couple of shirts too. Lastly, I'll need at least one more pair of joined hose. I'll also need to come up with something to wear on my head so as to both avoid sunstroke and show off the pearls. That's probably going to be the trickiest.

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