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Feb. 25th, 2012 01:50 pm
Gentle Readers,

I'm home with a sick kid. I should be at our Practicum event, but I'm sick enough to make staying home bearable. I've had the flu all week ad Lydia started feeling bad on wednesday. She's been sick enough that she has asked for naps. Her nose is stuffed so she's currently freaking out at the idea of her temperature being taken because last time she felt like she had to hold her breath and it was scary. We hate being sick.

So far Cortejo has managed to stave off illness. I'm impressed.

I'm still trying to figure out how this has also been a very productive week work wise. I've added 5 new features to our product.

There was absolutely no fencing this week, nor martial arts of any kind.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


Aug. 4th, 2011 10:21 pm
Gentle Readers,

So, I'm now in week 3 of my back issues with no end in sight. It's improving and I should be good for the trip to NS, but no training for me which means that I'm not likely to be back at any of it until September at the earliest. The PT is concerned about things like compression so even something like the skipping based warm ups at KickBoxing are out.

Any sort of freeplay is probably equally as bad.

I don't really like thinking this, but with at most 2 months to prepare, I don't think there is any way for me to do my Dean's Prize at KA&S. I'm feeling disappointed about this but not as much as I would have expected. Either I'm feeling zen or I'm in denial.

I was talking to the PT this morning about how long it would take to get back to training and he's not sure. If I was a professional athleat, I'd be off for at least 2 months doing hours or rehab every day. Obviously my physical state is not valuable enough to anyone else to pay for it, so I take what I can get. At least I can manage to be at work now. The standing desk really helps a lot.

The window viewing onto the Gym does not.
Gentle Readers,

I didn't realize it's been almost 2 months since I posted last and that post was about my stupid lawn. The lawn's been dealt with and so far it's been a pretty good summer. Even the major heat wave that's currently happeneing (37 plus humidex taking it into the high 40's) isn't something to complain about as I've been mostly inside.

I was going to write a bit about transformation. Partly as a result of weight and muscle changes and partly as a result of just being full of positive, extroverted energy and receiving way more adoration than I'm used to. Sadly, I wasn't able to figure out how to word that and now I've got something else to talk about.

You see, a couple weeks ago, I did something to start my back complaining. It wasn't a lot, but it was there, so I was being careful and taking it easy. Monday, that changed. With a pop, it moved from bearable constant twinge to a tiny viking berserker with a spear living at the base of my spine. I worked from home tuesday and wednesday and to day I saw both a chiropractor and a physiotherapist.

The former tried to be helpful, but his efforts came to naught and there were no changes either positive or negative as a result of his cracking. The fact that my back had no real problems even by chiropractic standards didn't really leave him much to work with. The physiotherapist was much more thorough and really left an overall better impression with me so I decided that I'd go with him. Especially since he was far more cautious with his diagnosis.

The downside is, of course, that I've lost Fencing. I'm not allowed to do it. Well, I'm also not allowed to sit for extended periods of time either, but that's likely to change sooner. Still, no fencing, or other martial arts, for the foreseeable future. I'm really not sure how to deal with this mentally. Right now, I think I'm in denial and thinking that maybe reading will be enough, but I'm wondering if that will be the case. I'm wondering if that will even be possible.

Losing a month plus of not just fencing practice, but of any training of any sort is not really going to help me prepare for my Dean's prize either.

The whole "no sitting" thing doesn't bode well for our vacation plans either. Can't do a 17 hour drive or even a 1.5 hour flight if you can't sit for any length of time.

I'm sure I'll find a way through this, but I'm feeling pretty grim at the moment.


May. 2nd, 2011 03:05 pm
Gentle readers,
My crazy weekend actually started on Thursday when I got sent home from work earily due to the power outage. Friday Lydia's school was canceled again due to no power but they didn't tell any one so she got picked by bus as usual and then sent home.

On the plus side this meant that we could leave for Jersyville early. On the down side our schedule had us hitting toronto at 6. So, instead of spending 2 hours in traffic we had 2 hours with Yummymummy which was much nicer. They even fed us. Even with the stop, we still made it to Roak's with enough time to finish the brais that I started around Brock Vegas.

Why was I making brais? Well, apparently with no regard for my opinion, the universe wants me to wear 14th century garb. I've got no other explanation for it. Other than having to make one quick repair on the way to the event (while wearing them) they worked out great.

The only downside was that thanks to all of the hunching over needle and fabric I made my lower back angry. This meant no fencing. Especially disappointing due to the cool tournaments that Jocelyn devised.

Instead I wandered around and had some lovely chats with people I rarely talk to. I also got to noodle around on Alix's harp.

The feast was fantastic and the coronation ceremony was fun without being too cheesy. I was even gifted some delicious unsweetened dark chocolate from a place in Toronto and got to try another from France which was amazing.

The only dark spot was a bit of drama that could really have been handled much better. I feel like I could have done something earlier to keep it from going as far as I did, be hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

We made it out and back to where we were staying and watched UFC 129 with a pile of scadians. Interesting commentary and a very scary looking hematoma.

To be continued...
Gentle Readers,

My real world is almost completely drama free at the moment. It's not terribly exciting but I can live with that. This week I've demolished a bunch of stuff in my basement and moved almost a dump truck of dirt not to mention dealing with a briefly sick little girl, aikido and a family Tae Kwon Do class. So, drama free but very busy. In addition, everyone involved seems on board with the plans for the basement so that is also good.

An interesting note, after the TKD class last night, Lydia and I decided to weigh ourselves. She was just under 50 lbs. I was just over 200. Cool as it is to weigh 4 Lydias, I was a little surprised as that means I've gained at least 10 lbs in the last 4 months, but my pants still fit the same way. Also, I should throw out the bathroom scale.

Anyway, in my pretend world, drama has started (as I knew it would) when their Highnesses announced that they would be banning Dueling as part of their royal whims. This probably wouldn't have been so bad except that they were not terribly clear about what constituted dueling and some of our fencers can be a little sensitive about what could be perceeved as a banning of their activity.

There are a couple of people who sound really incensed about this and are talking about things like "a special salute". I really hope that this is not done especially given that one of these people ignored the final round of the last crown tourny in order to keep fighting pick-up.

Personally don't see what the big deal is. As long as tournaments are not described as duels there's no problem what so ever.
Gentle Readers,

This year we went back to Pennsic for the first time in, I think, 7 years. It's changed a bit since we were there, but not much. The biggest change that I noticed was the replacement of Tiki torches with those solar powered night lights. That is a very welcome change. It meant that I was not blowing black snot out of my nose for 3 days after leaving.

The weather started off a little wet but the last week was lovely and I have a pealing nose to prove it.

The first few days were pretty rough mostly because I was recovering from incautious consumption of overly sweetened american road food. More and more we discover that it's just not worth trying to eat at a restaurant and instead should try and find a grocery store. Thankfully the pennsic food was actually pretty healthy for me.

Thanks to the rain, I had no dry footwear for a few days so I took the day long (it actually took about 3 days worth of work) shoe making class at Chez D'Argent. They are a very friendly bunch and we ended up falling in with them and spending a fair amount of time at their camp.

While I did do about 12 hours of Fiore classes with Scott from Darkwood, I only did pick-up fencing against 2 people. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but the classes were awesome. I'm sad I missed the Classes with Tom Leoni but he seems keen to be back next year. Apparently the parties are better than at ISMAC.

I fought in the Rapier war points. The first one was a cakewalk. I don't think I even crossed blade in the first fight, our opponents offering so little resistence. They tried a little harder in the second field battle, but to no avail. They elected not to try a third time.

The woods battle was great and I experienced very little ass-hattery. However, I finally have my very own blow calling story: I struck some gentleman in the waist and he called "Belt" and kept fighting. It was all the funnier due to the fact that I did not see a belt on his person, though it may have been under his tabbard.

Lydia had a great time and decided she likes belly dancing (but only if she jingles) and fishing (but needs a longer pole). She was pretty good but it was harder to keep on top of her eating than it is at home.

The courts were all efficient and fun and lots of people we knew got awards that they deserved. Our court especially.

Next year we'll need some camp borders as well as a firepit. We'll also need weather good enough to sit around the fire, but we won't be bringing that from here.
Gentle Readers,

No fencing this afternoon. It's pouring. But at least I got the grass mowed this morning before it started.
Gentle Readers,

I'm not even 2 thirds through the weekend and I'm still pretty overwhelmed with what to put here. I guess it's best to start at the beginning.

Friday the ladies picked me up at work and got me home early (after a very successful day of bug squishing) and I was able to get my stuff together. I checked to see if I could get my car at the rental place early, but they were still scrambling to get enough cars for all of their reservations so it was a little touch and go. As it turns out, I left there exactly at the time I reserved.

I nipped off to pick up reyl who was acompaning me and we headed off to have dinner in Kanata before the drive up to Cupid's Nest (no, really. That's what it is called). Even with the construction it was only about a 2 hour drive. Thankfully most of the weekend traffic had already gone through.

We hung out with the other tenants of Cupid's Nest (serously! there were signs up!) for a while. I finally crashed hard at about 11:59. I'm not sure when the rest of them went to bed. I'm not even sure when Cortejo joined me. I slept pretty well, but Sun and Daughter had me up and feeding the latter before 7. We bustled around and made it to the site by about 10:30.

There I got to use the baronial chambers for the first time. It's where the magic happens. We got dressed, did scrolls, planned court, had coronets repaired, chatted with the the vicar and their magesties the royal entourage. After getting dressed, I kept ducking out and back so I could say hi to all of the people who came out to see us. It was wonderful. So many good friends came to wish us well.

The investiture was indescribable. The royal herald was one of our fellow applicants and grinned at us the whole time. Our first court was short and sweet. We had the first reading of a poem of Skrael's line. We thanked the (former) vicar in an almost perfect fashion. We announced our taxes and our whims and then we were done.

The rest of the day was spent being social and in meetings. The meetings were not terrible. The Landed Baron's one was very friendly in fact. Apparently the last time one went that long was when the baronies were not all that happy with each other. We got to see the authorizations that happened. There was sadly no fencing. Only one authorized fencer was geared up. (I was too busy in meetings)

Royal court was fantastic. There were many deserving people recognized and we had great seats!

Feast was delicious as usual although somehow the salt that I had expected in the chicken pie ended up in the apple crumble. I was blown away by the apple and onion salad. I looked longingly at the candied peel.

After feast was the promised concert by Heather Dale. It was a perfect wrap up for the day. Not only is she a fantastic performer, she also does the thing where she talks about the pieces before she performs. I love that! I could have done without the children running through the hall infront of the stage, but it petered out once finalcut got them jumping over things.

The worst part of the event was having to stand around and do nothing but look pretty while other people cleaned up my messes and gathered up and put away my stuff for me. It's so weird to not be active about that. I need to figure out how to manage that.

I got to ride with thirsty_smurf back to Cupid's Nest (I'm not kidding) and had a great talk with her about responsibilities and playing the game and letting go of the little things. We took a more adventurous rout back to the base but made it in good time. His Majesty asked if anyone had commented on my red sash, asking who I was squired to. He had earlier in the day suggested that I could tell them it was him. No one asked. I think he was a little disappointed. Someone else pointed out that I didn't even have to get authorized as I fight almost as much as his current squires.

There was drinking and eating and I introduced people to pickled cheese but I think Roak was the only one brave enough to try it.

After three beers it was time for bed. Remaining upright was no longer an option.

I can't imagine a better day to become Baron.

p.s. OMFG!!! I'M BARON!

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