Gentle Readers,

Last nights class went pretty well. I had the foresight to do a bit more
reading in other sections of the book so as to clarify a couple if the
footwork questions I had. To be honest, I was pretty unsure the action would
work well given the timing. However it did even with the extra movement. The
stepping under the incoming attack was a bit nervous making but it still
worked. The timing has a lot in common with the timing of some of the aikido
sword sequences I did. I guess there really is only one art of the sword.

Overall the level of synchronicity within the german sword work is
fascinating. I really wish I knew more about the german grappling to know if
it carries through like fiore does.

Speaking of such, I'm selling some books. Details to be added when I am not
using a phone.

Books for sale:
Gentle Readers,

I cleverly had took my already packed fencing bag instead of my usual work bag yesterday. This was mostly clever except for the fact that it contained neither my saviolo notes nor my meyer notes so that meant that yesterday's class was not nearly as productive as it could have been with continuing to explore Meyer's single handed cut an thrust system.

There were 2 victories though.

The first was the similarities between Meyer's Face Thrust and the first play from Prime in Pallas Armata. The footwork is very close and the actual movements create almost the same result. (the opponent getting stabbed in the face).

The second was looking at the effectiveness of the face thrust as a response to an uberhaue followed by an unterheau coming back along the same line. It shuts things down nicely.

Better notes for next week.
Gentle Readers,

Saviolo temporarily left by the way side as OCS consolidates itself into a more Germanic frame of mind, we spent last night's class working on Meyer's thrusts. We looked at the basic thrust from Ox. First pull back your arm and lift your lead leg, then the sword stabs toward the chest, long edge up then turns and continues down to the low guard (with the rest of your body) on the opposite side of the body. Then cut back up and use that momentum to reset into your original Ox.

Once we had a handle on that we looked at the two face thrusts from Ox which are used as counter thrusts. First from Left Ox, as your opponent enters, step to the left with your left foot thrust to his face over his arm. From the right, turn your sword under his blade as you step left with your left foot moving your hand back up towards left Ox, then step with the right and thrust as before.

Finally we did the throat thrust. This is an attack with a disengage. Against an opponent in Iron Gate take Left Ox. Then step to the left and make as if to thrust as before. If your opponent goes to crown or other high guard, quickly drop your tip and circle under his arm and stab to the throat. If he does not take a good high guard thrust with the face thrust as before.

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