Gentle Readers,

Regular readers should be aware of the fact that we are working with my daughter with regard to some learning challenges she has. One of these issues is the possibility of ADD (without the hyperactivity). I've been wondering if maybe this is something that is coming to her from my contribution to her genetic code and if perhaps I have this issue myself.

The fact that I was wondering this in the middle of holding pads for my kickboxing partner and kept forgetting the pattern I was supposed to be holding for might be a bit of a giveaway.

Slight Dip

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:57 pm
Gentle Readers,

The problem with having a nice weekend is that getting back into the swing of things at work is always a bit of a let down.

This past weekend I was off at the Longpoint 2011 mid-atlantic HEMA gathering. I went down with the head instructor for our club as his assistant. He was going to share his point of view on I.33 and start to get better know. I'm thrilled with how serious he is taking this. I'm sure that it's only partly because I am not in the same situation so I have to live vicariously through him.

Anyway, his class went fantastically. It was very well received and he got a lot of positive feedback. Actually, I also got feedback to say I was a great assistant and made my intent very clear. My Aikido Sensei would be very pleased.

The 18+ hours of driving were just fine except for the expected blizzard just north of Syracuse. I suspect that Pulaski has a Hellmouth. We spent much of the ride there and back talking about his plans for the club and where to go with things. The plan is currently to become a fairly german centric school which means that I will be likely switching to teaching German style rappier. That should be very interesting and by interesting I mean new and scary.

It's almost too bad that the boys did so well with the Saviolo last night at class. They were able to flow through the first sequence and have it look like they were really fighting. That made up for a more disturbing afternoon. The disturbing aspects of the afternoon will be noted in another post.

Today it was back to Kick Boxing and it was pretty good. I wasn't dead at the end of the class, but that probably has more to do with having to push my partner rather than the other way around. He should really go more than 2 times a month. I'm not sure how things are going to go over the next little while. One of the uber-bosses has brokered a corporate plan with the dojo and so for about what I'm paying now, I can also add in some of the other stuff the school does. Given my available time, that means I'll be able to go to the lunch time BJJ classes should I so desire. I'm not sure what else I'd have access to.

I'm sure cortejo would appreciate it if I did the correct response and not the goofy response when she was trying to strangle me.
Gentle Readers,

The aforementioned subject is one that is rapidly becoming difficult. As discussed previously, yesterday was my first time back at Aikido in about a month. Today was my first time back at Kickboxing with muscles that were already unhappy with me regarding a what was to my recollection a fairly light workout.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get someone as a partner today who was quite new and also a southpaw so there was some slowness in our practice and it wasn't quite as horrible as it could have been. I admit that I'm a little disappointed that a 3x circuit of pennsic every day while I was there was not enough to maintain my previous level of physical fitness. Still, it was really really good to be back and to be moving and to feel like I was not the baby wildebeest that I was
when I started.

It was lovely this morning, but now it's dark and rainy and I'm not looking forward to going out side and getting rained on.

In other news, I'm looking at my 15th century clothing project and I must say that I don't think I've found anyone who's gotten the short brais correct. All of the patterns I've seen so far look like something that I'd fall out of and while wearing split hose, I don't think that would be becoming for a baron. Especially with the sitting up on a dais at the front of court and all.
Gentle Readers,

Usually we listen to big 'A' Alternative stuff during the kickboxing class (Tool's Prison Sex is an excellent work out song BTW) but today, for some reason, it was on a dance channel. So, for the last bit of class while we were doing 100 Supercrunches we got to listen to this:

I guess it could have been worse and they could have played the South Park version:

Or the mash-up with the Dandy Warhols: Horny as a Dandy.

That last one appears to be some kind of Days of Our Lives fan vid about Steve and Kayla. Is it just me or does Steve look like a cross between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Snake Pliskin?

Oh Sweet Creeping Zombie Jesus! There's a chipmunks (or possibly chipettes) version of the Mash-up.

Gentle Readers,

I had an awesome Aikido class this morning where I sprained my thumb.

In other news, my Kickboxing dojo just expanded classes to every day and Cortejo is not working tonight so I can go to Armoured practice.

I should:

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Gentle Readers,

Just got back from my first live MMA event. It was interesting. As with any event in ottawa the crowd was pretty sedate. It's possible that they were more lively before the fights started. It was fun how some of the fighters came in with entourage. The guys from cortejo's club even had an animal mascot. My Kickboxing teacher fought in the Co-Main event and unfortunately the ref called him out before he tapped. He was very unimpressed. Still, I thought his moves were great. He had this fantastic way of slipping from a hit that I want to learn.

Anyway, I'm home and craving salty snacks and drinking white wine.

Yay weekend.
Gentle Readers,

So today is being a great day so far.

Aikido was good this morning. I was able to identify problems thanks to insite from sensei K, I was able to at least be aware of the correction, even if I wasn't doing a great job of correcting the action. K also thinks I should be thinking about my 4th Que test, and to be honest, I've been putting it off, but really I think I shouldn't be worried about it until I can managed to get my name plaque done and up on the board.

It was pretty demanding though and I could feel myself getting slower and slower as the class went on. Sensei N at Kickboxing (I think that's the correct term) pointed out that if you are doing a repetitive exercise and your speed and rhythm have not changed, it's your brain and not your body that is making you stop. My body was really complaining this morning. We weren't doing things that were that demanding, just falling down and getting up again. I'm hoping that means I'm doing better with my intensity.

Other good things: we're about ready to review my design here at the new job. If everyone is cool with the direction then I get to zip off and see if I can get it to work. It's going to be developing some new and valuable skills so that's pretty awesome and thankfully it's got some divisibility into some nicely sized chunks so it won't be too overwhelming. I won't be looking at it thinking how the hell am I going to even start. That helps keep the procrastinating to a minimum (and lest you think I'm procrastinating now, I'm going to use the excuse that my first presentation meeting got bumped to the afternoon).

Things look good for the event this weekend. We have a place to stay and things to eat, even a packing list. The only tricky part is making sure we have room for everyone/thing in the car. There will be multiple tourneys and at least one affair of honour.

In addition, it looks like my chainmail is in Syracuse, hopefully to be delivered soon so if we can work out timing I'll both get to pick it up and see Mister-Robinson, maybe even in time to use it at the event.

Also, I've got rabbit stew for lunch.
Gentle Readers,

Good: The delicious applesauce made by Cortejo that I put into my lunch. Soooo good.

Evil: The Kickboxing class today which seemed to be focusing on stamina leaving me with wobbly arms. I was able to keep up though. That was nice, well until the weird clapping crunches at the end.

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