May. 2nd, 2011 03:05 pm
Gentle readers,
My crazy weekend actually started on Thursday when I got sent home from work earily due to the power outage. Friday Lydia's school was canceled again due to no power but they didn't tell any one so she got picked by bus as usual and then sent home.

On the plus side this meant that we could leave for Jersyville early. On the down side our schedule had us hitting toronto at 6. So, instead of spending 2 hours in traffic we had 2 hours with Yummymummy which was much nicer. They even fed us. Even with the stop, we still made it to Roak's with enough time to finish the brais that I started around Brock Vegas.

Why was I making brais? Well, apparently with no regard for my opinion, the universe wants me to wear 14th century garb. I've got no other explanation for it. Other than having to make one quick repair on the way to the event (while wearing them) they worked out great.

The only downside was that thanks to all of the hunching over needle and fabric I made my lower back angry. This meant no fencing. Especially disappointing due to the cool tournaments that Jocelyn devised.

Instead I wandered around and had some lovely chats with people I rarely talk to. I also got to noodle around on Alix's harp.

The feast was fantastic and the coronation ceremony was fun without being too cheesy. I was even gifted some delicious unsweetened dark chocolate from a place in Toronto and got to try another from France which was amazing.

The only dark spot was a bit of drama that could really have been handled much better. I feel like I could have done something earlier to keep it from going as far as I did, be hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

We made it out and back to where we were staying and watched UFC 129 with a pile of scadians. Interesting commentary and a very scary looking hematoma.

To be continued...

Teta Erna

Dec. 22nd, 2010 09:06 pm
Gentle Readers,

Just over an hour ago I found out that my Teta (aunt) Erna died. She was 98. A couple of hours before that we had spoken with her daughter who was on her way back over to Erna's to help with the evening activities and what she felt was the short time left. Erna had been sick for some time and the last couple of months had been pretty bad with her losing strength and starting that final slow fade.

We got to go and see her one last time about a month ago, while my parents were up visiting. We hadn't seen her since her birthday party and she was so faded since then; a shadow propped up by an indomitable spine of iron will. She had just sent a gift to Lydia who had just gotten over Pneumonia. We stopped in to see her on our way to something else so that Lydia could say thank you. We got to hug her and tell her we loved her and I think I'm very happy with the last things I was able to say to her.

She has been the matriarch on my fathers side for a long as I could remember. My grandmother died before I had integrated her into my life. Teta Erna was the person who filled that role. She was the woman who represented the history of my father's side of the family.

Once or twice a year, usually christmas and over the summer we would make the trek to see my father's family in Ottawa and my Mom's in Peterborough. Teta Erna's was where we would stay in Ottawa and she was who greeted us no matter what time we arrived, usually with food waiting. Sometimes it was Beef Stroganoff, sometimes it was Cabbage Rolls. Always there were the rolls (the best ones had bacon in them).

When I moved to Ottawa in 1996, she was a touchpoint for me, and I remember often making the trek her house in Orleans for dinner and family time. Sometimes she let me help cook.

At some point I should write about her story, but right now I need to think about her place in my story. She was a force to be recconed with. She was an Aunt in the Wodehouse tradidion. Strong, but never grim she shared her love for life with me. Living alone at 98, mostly caring for her self.

I'm tired and rambling now so you're getting kind of a stream of consciousness as I try to think about what I would say. I'm trying to think about what the one memory would be to just be her, to fix in my mind as something that is her essence. I'm not sure what that is. Right now, I think it's the joy that lit up her face whenever she saw Lydia.

For now I'm going to hang on to that.

RIP Teta Erna. The world was a better place for your having been in it. I'll miss you very much.
Gentle Readers,

I am writing this blog post sitting at my brother's dining room table, using my sister-in-law's computer. It's a family affair. They called me while I was in the shower yesterday getting ready for an interview.

You see, my niece is sick and is up frequently all night. As my brother has just started a new job and my SIL is flying with the child to Vancouver for her mom's memorial service, they needed some sleep, or at least someone to distract them while they got stuff done in the presence of a small baby who was not getting enough sleep.

Cortejo packed for me while I was out and I grabbed food and clothes and so I was able to head out quickly after stopping home.

And also having to get an oil change so the car wouldn't explode.

And getting gas so I could make it there.

Anyway, I managed to get there pretty driving non-stop in about 4 hours by driving like Cortejo. As I didn't have to actually cross TO, I didn't get any bad traffic even though I arrived at rush hour.

I've got to be back in Ottawa for an interview with Mikepictor's company. I'm pretty sure that I'm not what they want, but I'm happy to do more interviews. They are good practice.

Anyway, it's finally dinner time. So instead of the anchovie rich pizza we had last night, it's a sausage heavy pasta with spinich.

Still lots of red wine as the baby is asleep.

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