Gentle Readers,

For my personal reference.

Rank Requirements:
A Dean must:

* Have at least four years' experience as an authorized fencer
* Wear period garb in the list
* Be involved in at least one other aspect of the SCA
* Have completed at least two research projects (one for Provost, one for Dean)
* Be familiar with at least two period manuals

Prize Requirement:
To earn the rank of Dean, the Prizor must have completed their second research project, then fight 50 bouts, followed by a minimum of 15 minutes of open challenges.

Duties of Deans:
Include, but are not limited to:

* Have Fun!
* Act as a guide in research, training and any other areas of experience
* Act as advisors to the Praeceptor
* Teach, talk about and demonstrate period forms
* Help people understand period manuals
* Help people with their research projects where possible
* Continue your own research and learning

Symbol of Rank:
A blue scarf.

To Arms!

Jun. 9th, 2010 09:39 am
Gentle Readers,

I am a provost in the Ealdormerian Academy of Defence. I fought my prize last November and passed, along with my fellow prizor, becoming the first to challenge and succeed at that rank. This summer, at War of the Trillium we have 2 more challengers who will be attemtping to meet the requirements of this rank. Since there are only two of us currently at the rank of Provost, I'm wondering if there are any acomplished fencers (white scarves and the like) who would be interested in coming up to provide extra challenge for our Prizors.

I can arrange for good food and drink and lots of fencing.
Gentle Readers,

A while ago I did my second submission to a creative publication and got my second rejection. I know that the editors are busy types but I think I would prefer the reason (not what we are looking for, it's terrible, it made my dog cry, etc.) to "We have decided not to accept your submission". Am I expecting too much?

Anyway, other than that minor thing, it's been a fantastic few days. Thursday night we saw the Peanut's dramatic debut. She was great and looked like she was having a fantastic time. The rest of the production did not live up to the high standard that she was setting. Part of that was a result of the casting, but I think that the story didn't help. It was somewhat disjointed. Of course, it was the first Panto I've ever seen so it maybe that I lack appreciation for the subtleties of the genre.

Friday was a frustrating work day due to my creative direction hitting a roadblock, but it got much better when Cortejo and Lydia arrived to take me away to Albrect and Asa's house. The ride was pretty smooth and as I had cleverly brought along my laptop, I got a few reviews written (which I need to submit). We got in late, but not too late. Over the past few months, I have developed a pretty good sense of the amount of time it takes from here to places around the GTA. Our hosts were delighted to see us and I hope I was a little gracious before I disappeared for bed.

On Saturday we made it to the event in time to help a little bit with the set up. Then on to Don Giovanni`s longsword class. It was like drinking from a fire hose, just as he described. He is a lovely gentleman and was thrilled to get reaquainted with him.

Once the class was done we had about 30 min to get fed and watered and then the prize started. Myself and the other Prizors fought for about 3 hours straight. For the Prize fights, I won 20 of the 40 (more than the third required, and exactly my personal goal). Only one of those was against Garreth (the other Prizor to succeed) and that`s something I`m going to have to work on. I know exactly what he is doing against me, but I don`t have a good idea how to counter it yet. The prize fights were followed by 15 minute endurance round which I blew through as best I could. I think, in order to force more effort, some of that time should be dedicated to multiple opponents where as soon as one dies they are replaced. Kind of like Randori.

Three of us played our prize and although only 2 of us succeeded with our prize fights, the third fought his endournce round with the rest of us. His spirit and mood were an inspiration and I think we could all learn from his example. I look forward to his next challenge.

Once we finished, their Majesties, who watched the endurance round, congratulated us and gave us our scarves. Then, after the well wishers had cleared away, they took me aside and presented me with a white garter with the word Franchise. They explained that they were handing out garters to those who they felt best exemplified the knightly virtue that was written on the garter. I was completely honoured then and now that I've done a bit more reading on the subject, I'm even more flattered.

The rest of the day was some pick up fencing, chatting with a few people I never really talk to, watching some well earned and well deserved awards and wrapping it up with a Rickards White.

Then Sunday. We managed to make it out at a decent time and after a scary burger at Wimpy's, we had some photos done by Tarian. By some, I mean lots. She's awesome and Lydia is a giant ham.

There was a brief stop on the way home where Lydia and I had KFC and then we got home and just sat still for a while and watched Wall-E.

Sleep claimed us soon after.

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