Nov. 7th, 2010 09:39 pm
Gentle Readers,

If it is after 8:30pm and you would like to make Bisket Bread as you need to get it done for your pent entry, you would be well served to look for the beaters for the electric mixer before you break the mixer attachment on the food processor if only to ensure that you have a fall back position other than a wisk because you won't find the hand mixer that the children use in the bath tub until you have given up in frustration because it is too late.

Here's hoping the batter will still be good tomorrow.

Sincerely, an aggravated me.

Skyr Fail

Oct. 25th, 2009 04:01 pm
Gentle Readers,

So far it's been an exciting week end. Friday I had a second interview with a company I was really hoping would give me a call back. In many ways it really was an audition. They gave me a problem they wanted a solution for and gave me a white board and said Go To. They emailed me an offer later that afternoon so I'm assuming they liked what I gave them. I start tomorrow and I'll post the details of who and where and what after the paperwork is signed. I won't believe it's real until that's done.

This is why you didn't get any Friday fiction this week. I plumb forgot.

Yesterday I fought through much frustration and managed to get Lydia's costume started. She almost changed her mind as she had told some class mates she was going to be a Devil because she didn't think they would know who Harley Quinn was. Thankfully even if she changes it back again, Devil's are easy costumes.

I'm hoping that it will be as warm as last year.

Anyway, I spent Saturday evening gaming with some friends to celebrate Polymathematic's 30th birthday. I managed to get home around 2. Getting up for fencing this morning was a little rough but it was our first beginner class with the new curriculum and we had a dozen new students showing up. It was awesome to have so many people there.

So far I've spent the afternoon fixing my armour, cleaning, and attempting to make Skyr. It was mostly successful except for the Skyr which was utter fail. For starters I tried heating it with a double boiler to avoid scalding it but couldn't get the temperature above 75 (when I needed to get it to 95). Finally I gave up and heated it in the microwave. Finally heated, I had to let it cool which took another hour. Or rather after an hour I noticed that I had somehow broken the thermometer and there was now broken glass in the milk and I threw it out. Thank goodness I didn't use all of the milk.

I think I'll relax with some sewing.
Gentle Readers,

I made Saag with red chard. It seems to be a success.

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