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Feb. 27th, 2011 09:34 pm
Gentle Readers,

After a bit of correspondence with Craig, Lindholm's version says Ochs, Pflug, Alber, Vom Tag, Tobler's Liechtenauer says Ochs, Pflug, Alber vom Tag and Tobler's Ringeck says Ochs, Alber, Pflug, vom Tag.

Ochs beats Pflug beats Alber beats vom Tag beats Ochs.

I need to think about that more.

Anyway, Capo Ferro was great this evening. We did more drills. First drill. Patient agent stands in third, Active agent moves in, stringer on either side and lunge. Second drill Active agent acts as before but patient agent may parry, counter lunge or do thing. Third drill as before but Active agent must counter the patient's action either rolling against (in the case of Cavare) or rolling around (in the case of the parry).

good drills. I got much better at the end.

I'm still not happy with my dropping my guard on the recoveries.
Gentle Readers,

I had a pretty good night last night. While it was unfortunate that no one
else was there, it was nice to be able to go over the class I'll be subbing
for on Saturday. We will be looking at managing distance and preventing your
opponent from success if he moves too close.

The sca practice that followed was also small, consisting of myself, lrt and
wilhelm. We got lots of fencing in and I was please at the improovement of
my opposition but I was still getting hit when I felt I shouldn't be. I am
pretty sure that the problem there is a sloppy recovery. I am recovering my
arm first and sometimes I don't move my body at all. I am really not sure
where this habit came from but it has got to go. Not only am I not removing
their target, but I am also giving them a moment to safely stab me.
Wilhelm had a pair of longswords so we did a bit of thrust-oriented play
(not cut and thrust) . I did ok against him but against lrt he would creep
in close, I would try to take the time with a thrust but he would withdraw
his body slightly to void and then thrust back in over my arms. I think that
to solve this I need to thrust from a safer position and keep moving. Not
pausing in distance as with the rapier.
Gentle Readers,

I was away for an event this past weekend. I had a lovely time camping in a giant industrial space. I was the martial in charge for rapier because we the Hammers had wanted to do something to increase our visibility. I suspect that the two gentle who were added to the order did that much more effectively.

The tournament style I ran was called a Venni tournament. You get an ordered list of fencers, first one in is the king. Bouts to 3 touches. Winner becomes king. King wins in the case of a tie. Every one has 2 lives, but you can earn a new life if you win 4 or more bouts as king. As you might be able to tell, the closer you are to the end, the more of an advantage you have. Holkuld was at the end of the list and after becoming King (which he then changed to Queen and then to Royal Personage of Indeterminate Gender). He didn't lose a single fight.

Anyway, since I was running the tournament, I didn't get the amount of fencing I wanted. I did get some free play and did not do so well. I kept getting stabbed. I was able to take control, move in launch the attack, but managed to leave my self wide open to get stabbed. I was letting go of engagement, but not sure why.

So, later this evening at Capo Ferro I finally was able to realize at least one thing I've not managed to get right. We were doing some lunge drills against a dummy opponent. You move in, stringer, and then lunge to target,k eeping yourself safe. I didn't figure it out at first because we were doing the drills with the dagger to add some protection. We were also looking at stepping to the side and how much off the line you need to get. Our instructor has a habit of coming fairly far off the line which I have been emulating so this time we were trying a closer line. I should have been remembering what Sensei would say about the sword not being all that thick.

Anyway. I would step in, stringer, extend and lunch and as I did so my hand was moving to the outside line even though it was in 4th and supposed to be closing the inside line. At first the dagger hid this, but for some reason it was much more obvious with the left hand. Then I tried without the dagger and there it was. Plain as day.

Now I just need to practice doing it correctly. Identify the problem, then fix. Good advice.
Gentle Readers,

I'm still sick but I made it to 2 fencing practices. The first was this morning at the freeplay class. No one else showeded up so Craig walked me through a bunch of long sword stuff he been working on. We've been talking about the tournament at longpoint and the fact that the majority of the attacks in the tournament were not quality attacks. there was a great deal of hand attacks, extended reach leg attacks and downright blows with lots of follow through (people were constantly being reminded not to hit the floor). When attacks did go past first intention, they tended to be weak. We looked at options against that, many of which seemed like they could be very succesful. We also explored the Misterhauw and weather the step was away from or towards the cut.

Awesome stuff.

This evening was the Capo Ferro class and we built up actions from the basic entry.

First Stringer and lunge.
Then Stringer to draw Cavere and respond with timed lunge.
Then Stringer to draw Cavere which transforms into lunge.
Then Stringer to draw Cavere-lunge which is countered with counter extension.
Then step with the Cavere-lunge to prevent the coutner extension

Goal was working entry and timing. I need to clean up footwork and hand position.

But now I need to let my rummy ginger tea do it's job and go to sleep.

Good Night.

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