Gentle Readers,

One of the important things to realize about a vigil is that you can't it all yourself. Well, I'm sure it's possible, but it's a recipe for an unpleasant time so if only because no matter how perfectly planned you will still not be able to deal with everything on the day of (because you are supposed to be pondering).

With the established peerages, the vigilant often has a formal relationship with a member of the order who can take them through the process our at least offer advice. There are also years of tradition that can be drawn on for all of the ceremony.

With this there is no presidents for any of it. We have to build the ceremony from scratch. What we do may, (or may not) be the start of a tradition. I've never formally been anyone's student so that's a relationship I don't have to draw on. I also don't have a formal relationship with an active household. Ore an active relationship with a formal household.

What I do have is lots of friends. Friends who are throwing themselves into helping like piranhas in a feeding frenzy. I feel really lucky to have so many people willing and eager to help but asking fire that help is really hard. Not because I'm worried that I'll look like I'm weak our anything, I just hate imposing on people. I don't want people feeling obligated.

I might also be a little worried about being obligated back. Fortunately I can recognize the silliness of that thought and mostly let it go.
Gentle Readers,

This has been a week filled with so much downer news from friends. One who was laid off, one going in for surgery, one diagnosed with angina and one diagnosed with prostate cancer. It's also been a really rough week with Lydia and her anxiety which drains everyone's reserves. I had my own issues with what seemed to be a migraine on monday afternoon bad enough that I missed my kick-boxing and went home.

Work has been tiring too and I got to finish the day with customer support (which I find really stressful) and it was clearly their fault. "We're still seeing the problem you said you fixed." "Yeah? maybe that's because you haven't installed the new software." It's actually been a pretty busy week for support and I missed another of Kick-boxing class because of getting pulled into a call.

These downbeat haven't kept it from being a productive week as I managed to add and fix a bunch of features. Most were small but it was satisfying to have them finished. It also looks like our build automation is progressing nicely and the unit tests that we do have are actually pretty darn good.

Martially, it's been pretty good, except for the two missed classes. I did both the BJJ classes (and feel more like a wildebeest who has been around for a half hour instead of a newly born one). My class (the one I teach) was cancelled because of the weather, we also did some great development work with our PoleAxe interpretation, which is always awesome. We still haven't managed to do much with the stick fighting we are trying to develop but I think that will come. Both myself and the main instructor are thinking on it.

The other big news is that our Swordplay club is going to have its own dedicated space come the first of March. This is pretty fantastic because it means that we will be able to run whatever classes we want whenever we want. I volunteered to run an early morning sword fitness class. We'll see how that goes.

Right now, however, it is time for the sleeping.

Good night.

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